Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

The Band Perry – Live Forever

Live Forever… in mediocrity, that is.


Patrick St. Michel: Remember a few years ago when it sounded like every pop song on the radio was about living forever and dancing all night and let’s party like we are going to die? A lot of those efforts were bad, but not because of the theme alone. Rather, they sounded forced and, ultimately, nothing like actually being young, which is far more complex than a lot of artists portray it as. “Live Forever” is ultimately just really boring, and would only be a good soundtrack to being young if you were making a scrapbook or something. 

Jonathan Bogart: They’ve always traded in big, obvious emotions, but the complete 180, both production-wise and conceptually, from “If I Die Young” is still something of a shock.

Thomas Inskeep: Oh, this is disappointing. After the gleefully chaotic Pioneer (which also happened to feature one of the best singles of this decade, the high-country-goth “Better Dig Two”), the Band Perry return with this unappetizing slab of warmed-up corned beef. “Live Forever” somehow pulls off the trick of simultaneously sounding twee and like a track from ESPN Jock Jams 37.

Alfred Soto: In 1985 a whoa-oh chorus nodded towards Italo-disco. In 2015, it means someone’s listening to One Direction listening to Def Leppard. The Band Perry add banjo.

David Sheffieck: If only they’d dreamed of a song with a tempo that was less deadening.

Brad Shoup: Thin and unconvincing. All the juice is bottled until the chorus, around which Kimberly Perry huffs about ships and dreams next to placeholder acoustic. That Lady Gaga album can’t come soon enough for RedOne.

Will Adams: The verses are a slog to be endured for an only-average chorus, which takes woah-oh shouty hooks from this year and “WE’RE IMMORTAL” sentiment from three years ago.

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