Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Noonie Bao – Pyramids

The voice of “I Could Be the One,” not that you’d know from the credits…


Scott Mildenhall: If Tegan and Sara were to mould a logical follow-up to Heartthrob on the industrial clamour of Depeche Mode tracks like “People Are People” and “Everything Counts”, Noonie Bao would be able to sue them for plagiarism. She would do, too, because unlike on “I Could Be The One” she’s lending no-one a hand here, and doesn’t want one either. It’s the polar opposite sentiment, but almost as powerful: grandstanding from the pinnacle in a kevlar body suit that’s a sonic metaphor as much as anything else. When “Pyramids” kicks in, it’s metallic, ironclad and hammering at will.

Jonathan Bogart: It is 2015, and anthemic is the enemy of emotion.

Thomas Inskeep: Winningly combines glossy Swedish pop with a mid-’80s new wave feel and delightful lyrics: “So if somebody tryin’ to take me out/Better not be scared of heights,” she warns.

Anthony Easton: This sounds like it could end up being on a remake of a remake of Miami Vice-style ’80s cop soundtracks, but when we stopped being so serious. 

Katherine St Asaph: The world may not need another song about time-traveling Egyptian strip club courtesans, but it certainly doesn’t need another metaphor for vague triumph.

Brad Shoup: I love the creeping pizzicato beat, and the composed confidence in the central Illuminatish metaphor. My jury’s out on all the percussion.

David Sheffieck: Bao’s thin voice, keening and twisty, remains her strongest tool. The hook multitracks her into anonymity: thudding and straightforward, it only really works when incorporated into the round-style outro. She shines on the verses and – especially – the bridge, where a lighter hand allows her distinctive charm to show through; ultimately, they’re not quite enough.

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2 Responses to “Noonie Bao – Pyramids”

  1. She is writing the best popmusic of today!!!

  2. metaphor throwdown