Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Selena Gomez – Same Old Love

Fair to say we still have opinions on Charli…


Alfred Soto: I’m so sick of that same old Charli stealing songs.

Thomas Inskeep: Not to be confused with this (which is brilliant), this is a subpar Charli XCX song cowritten with Benny Blanco, Stargate and some other guy, built around a finger-snap and some dreadful lyrics (“you left in peace/left me in pieces,” c’mon) sung by one of the thinnest, most lacking-in-personality voices in pop today. Charli XCX couldn’t necessarily do much more with the song, but at least her shouty style is a style.

Will Adams: A shell of a song, both musically and lyrically. The most exciting moments come when it sounds like Charli XCX is about to take over the song.

David Sheffieck: If Sia’s the incumbent for pop president best able to make anyone else sound like her, “Same Old Love” is the underdog performance that lifts Charli XCX into the main debate.

Edward Okulicz: A boring song whose one point of interest comes from me trying to work out if the backing is a slowed down sample of something else. Or maybe its one point of interest is as a data point in the series of decreasing returns for Gomez’s schtick and Charli XCX’s discernible but seldom-commented-on decline as a pop writer. 

Katherine St Asaph: Free EMP proposal idea: The use of off-key instrumental parts (welp, there goes the proposal) to suggest authenticity. It’d explain why “Same Old Love” sounds like Sugababes’ “Freak Like Me” played in a theme-park saloon — stripped almost to two tinny chords, one for each of the song’s emotional chords: sad and sassy. These happen to also be Charli XCX’s two emotional chords, except with her they’re more like masochistic and explosive. Gomez isn’t quite up to either, nor is the song; blame the uncredited vocal plague, probably, but if you told me that Selena Gomez Milli Vanilli’d this and it’s actually Charli XCX singing the whole thing, I would totally believe you. I still wouldn’t think it’s good, rather another casualty of a sad industry fact: nothing cannot be made worse by adding Benny Blanco.

Jonathan Bogart: If the idea was to provide the experience of overwrought monotony described in the lyrics, well done all round. If not, it could have used maybe one or two changes in tempo, dynamics, key, vocal delivery, anything.

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10 Responses to “Selena Gomez – Same Old Love”

  1. Wow guys, you’re harsh.

  2. Maybe more people who really liked the song should have written blurbs, cough cough.

  3. Yeah, my b. This is easily a [7] or [8] from me

  4. I kind of dig this. I love hearing artist’s try on the sounds of their contemporaries, it’s like hearing a fanfiction come true.

  5. “I’m so sick of that same old Charli stealing songs.” What songs would those be?

  6. I think he meant “Charli-stealing songs,” as in they are Charli-esque knockoffs (hopefully).

  7. I thought it was that Charli was stealing this song from Selena, sort of like Nicki stole “Monster” from Kanye, et al. Either way, I didn’t think it was supposed to be a dig at Charli?

  8. Yeah I really wish I found the time to blurb this too, it’s at least a 7 for me. I like the conceptual cleanliness of it, the metronome beat, vinyl crackle and upright piano all there to say “old”. It sounds kinda desolate which seems to be the best mode for Selena.

  9. It wasn’t a dig at Charli — far from it.

  10. In my opinion, Me & the Rhythm should have gotten the proper single treatment. Far superior and more cohesive with the rest of her singles. Well, as cohesive as you can be