Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Lizz Wright – Lean In

Jazz, you say? We like some of that…


Alfred Soto: This jazz and gospel singer lavishes impressive breath control on a flamenco-tinged midtempo number. it flirts with studiousness — I can do without reversing the “cats and mice” metaphor — without succumbing. Don’t over think it. She just wants to make us see.

Jonathan Bogart: With that title, I was worried we were in for some Sheryl Sandberg pop, but a smoky bit of soul-jazz seduction with no sense of dynamics or commitment to any particular tradition is almost as bad.

Anthony Easton: The lace underpinning of electronics and the overcoat of brass provide a perfect superstructure for a voice that moves somewhere between jazz and adult R&B. The control that Wright exhibits throughout is remarkable, especially the vowels on “alright” and “lean.”

Katherine St Asaph: The percussion is insistent where Lizz plays her voice like she’d otherwise hardly be bothered, if not for you. The effect is both magnetic and remarkably accessible.

Juana Giaimo: Lizz Wright has an interesting voice, but this song doesn’t benefit her at all. The melody lacks dynamics and only tangles up to get lost in a rather weak chorus. And if this is supposed to be a seductive song, the creepy echoes don’t help.

Iain Mew: Expertly handled hush, where the atmosphere feels like it’s pressing in as Lizz prods and pushes for a response, the calm cat in her mouse and cat situation. It’s all tension build and no pay-off, but I can feel my pulse quicken as she repeats “don’t turn back” to fade.

Megan Harrington: In a way that feels almost inborn, I long for “Lean In” to burst open, to crescendo, to stop sustaining and just collapse. It’s dreamy, but it’s also a dream. A dream where your crush, maybe long repressed, visits you in your sleep and finally something real is happening, something so much more than work jokes and shy eye contact. But nothing happened, you woke up. “Lean In” is a song about understanding what you want, but not a song that gives you what you want. 

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