Thursday, October 8th, 2015

MNEK & Zara Larsson – Never Forget You

Not a song about MNEK finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, alas.


Jonathan Bogart: Songs pledging eternal devotion will have a use as long as life partnership remains a human custom, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily any good.

Iain Mew: Props for coming up with an unexpected duet combo at a time when the UK chart is full of more obvious choices, but the mild beat can’t keep up with one overblown devotional, never mind two.

Thomas Inskeep: Two of the most attractive people in clubland team up for a sumptuous duet that seems like it’s starting housey but quickly goes more in a 2-step garage direction. The Dreem Teem circa ’98 would love this.

Scott Mildenhall: This wasn’t initially written as a duet, but it has the form to a T. The build of the alternating lines in the bridge is like hands joining atop a giant plasma globe. While the old “soulmates on the first day” chestnut never rings true, it’s hard not to be captured by the sheer, pulsating force running through the track and both vocalists.

Juana Giaimo: There is something about MNEK in this song that doesn’t convince me. Rather than being empowered by drama and nostalgia, he sounds too forced. Zara Larsson controls her vocals much better; notice how in the second chorus she sticks to the melody while he rambles aimlessly in the background. Unfortunately, towards the end, she enters in his game and a kind of competition starts to see who can better showcase their vocals.

Will Adams: There are times I wonder whether there exists an early draft of the project file titled “Never Forget Ü,” but the anxious pulse that supports a supposedly loving relationship adds a necessary layer of interest. MNEK and Zara Larsson are a fine match for each other; I prefer when the competition in duets is of the friendly nature.

Alfred Soto: Adorable maxims best submerged under the beats in which MNEK has specialized. If you’re going to wail that hook, at least make the drops less predictable.

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8 Responses to “MNEK & Zara Larsson – Never Forget You”

  1. One of the best songs I have heard yet this year. I could listen to this all day, finding new bits and pieces that MNEK has intertwined inside this powerhouse storm of a song.
    I only wish it was longer.

  2. I’m delighted to report that this has become a slow-burn hit: it jumps 32-19 in this week’s UK singles chart!

  3. no kidding about the “slow-burn hit” note–this crossed the pond a few weeks ago and now it’s 22 on Billboard. my mom even knows the words.

  4. Wild that Zara Larsson is on a still-growing slow-burn hit in both the UK and the US and they’re not even the same song

  5. Austin/Iain: RIGHT!



  8. this song has no fucking chill