Monday, October 12th, 2015

Nero – Two Minds

Let’s play house…


Thomas Inskeep: Instead of the au courant early-’90s house sound, on “Two Minds” Nero go more mid-to-late-’90s, with a tougher, bass-heavy arrangement that also draws from some trance-pop of that period (cf. Grace, Olive). This would’ve been hugely popular with the Mixmag crowd, and rightfully so. 

Maxwell Cavaseno: *hits blunt* So… We remake The Blob or The Thing or whatever that movie in the ’50s is… but, its The House… No not, a house dude its, oh sorry *passes blunt* HOUSE. Yeah, like the music. See… Nero had their own identity and shit and lived in dubstep. They were dubstep rulers, yo. But now, because you have to make house all the time in order to make a paycheck, I mean, look at the Bieber song right? Yeah so just imagine it man… A world where everyone gets devoured by bad 80 BPM, unfun, safe, boring, house. You get HOUSED in house, encased, and you can never escape… THE HOUSE.

Jonathan Bogart: A booming, agreeably ominous production gives cover to a vapid Dr. Phil homily of a lyric delivered in a breathless tone that only makes it sound more laughable.

Katherine St Asaph: Alana of Nero begins in a wind tunnel, where her voice reverbs so much she’s convinced she’s Kim Sanders or Ruth-Ann Boyle; the whole of Nero contributes a house drop that’s both restrained for Nero and more pleasantly clammy than, oh, most of the ones you hear these days. The result is so tailored to my specific tastes that I’m willing to forgive the emotional subtlety.

Will Adams: Leave it to Nero to imbue house with even more melodrama. Predictable as this move may be, “Two Minds” packs enough darkness to set it apart from standard genre fare. Alana Watson’s performance elevates it more.

Iain Mew: There’s a typical exclamation mark fuelled Nero song in there, but it’s lurking behind house verses and stylish bass drops. They carry those off well, but it still couldn’t be anyone else and it ends up as a low impact Nero song, which makes it one of those tracks I could happily hear many more times but would never seek out.

Brad Shoup: I guess every house has a honey-do list.

Alfred Soto: The tremulous vocals don’t disintegrate into pebbles of terror until the bom-ba-boom of the sequencer break, after which “Two Minds” is anonymous fun with hints of darkness.

Patrick St. Michel: This is what I wish the new Disclosure album actually sounded like. Nero embrace the template of EDM but avoid cookie-cutter sounds, instead striking a balance between slower house-inspired styles that know just when to pick up the pace.

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2 Responses to “Nero – Two Minds”

  1. This album is so so good.

  2. ah yes, the ubiquitous 80 BPM house track