Friday, October 23rd, 2015

K Camp – Comfortable

Buttery, light, and yummy.


Crystal Leww: K Camp is not the boy whom you will eventually marry, but he’s a ton of fun, enduringly sweet, and tries to make you smile in the way that crinkles the corners of your eyes. “Comfortable” is not going to end up on anyone’s year-end list, probably due to extreme corniness, but the sincerity of a line like “me and you together super fly like propellers” is not not cute, you know? The shit that K Camp took for the so-called misogyny on “Cut Her Off” was always undue; rappers, like any artists, are complex and multifaceted and, yes, sometimes love their girlfriends! Now that this cute ode to his bae has come along, it’s a shame it’s not getting as much attention.

Megan Harrington: I’d like to think I ball a little better than a Denver Nugget, but even if I’m Wilson Chandler and inexplicably married to this flailing franchise, I can’t resist the coziness of K Camp’s snuggle bop. 

Micha Cavaseno: Over Big Fruit’s coastal guitar cruise soundtrack, K Camp is doing his damn best to make the kind of casual lover’s rap that Fetty Wap fans are losing their minds over, albeit for half the fanfare. K Camp is perfectly adequate here, but on a record this soft any sort of flashiness would probably be unnecessary, and his throaty singing voice has limits but plenty of charms.

Alfred Soto: Love that guitar — DJ Quik would’ve used it, maybe not over that click track. No great performance, just a vibe that fits the title.

Andy Hutchins: Buttery R&B-flavored rap is not what works on “urban” radio right now, not really: Four (ugh) Weeknd songs are in the top 10 on Hot R&B Songs, and six are on the chart, which only has 15 slots; a seventh Weeknd tune tops Adult R&B Songs; much of the turf on the Rap and Rhythmic charts has been annexed by 2015 stalwarts Drake, Fetty Wap, Future, Chris Brown, and tropi-chilled trend-chasing stuff like Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean.” Yet the brilliant “Comfortable” is as buttery as a croissant, and K Camp’s flow and melody are content to stay warm within the flaky crust; this is a song meant for surprise picnic lunches, on sand or the straw. And he’s an underrated rapper and singer, able to rattle off bars like “Money makin’ mission, she just steady chasin’ ducats / Shawty, she ain’t playin’, she just ballin’: Denver Nugget,” make those “Sheeeee”s in the second verse work, and sound completely at home on an outro that is a gorgeous throwback to a time when those grooves didn’t sound alien on the dial. Credit Big Fruit for the sumptuous beat, and for the feat of making form follow function (and fit a title). Praise all involved for this superb summer jam. Pity those who live where the rise of “Comfortable” isn’t coinciding with sandal weather.

Thomas Inskeep: In tone and tenor, this sounds like nothing so much as Domino’s “Sweet Potato Pie”, only more dull.

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