Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Los Horóscopos De Durango – Estoy Con Otro En La Cama

No, no, honey I’m not good. Or am I?


Thomas Inskeep: Los Horóscopos De Durango are one of the few banda groups fronted by women, in this case Vicky and Marisol Terrazas. If their discography — and especially their videography — is anything to go by, they like to drink, they like to party, and they like men. “I’m In Bed With Someone Else,” they sing, while the brass oompahs behind them. I like their style.

Alfred Soto: This solid example of banda comes from two women who put up with no shit. All they ask is that you, the boyfriend, please note that they’ve slept with several men and will sleep with several more and will remind your friends. And if you don’t like the message, then the horns will turn your eardrums to rubble.

Juana Giaimo: This is supposed to be a funny song, but while the disjointed brass joins this mood, the deep vocals overshadow the witty vengeful attitude of the lyrics.

Josh Langhoff: In pop music, real-time sex narratives are fairly easy to come by, but fewer singers have the cuernos to recount their infidelity while it happens, making “Cama” an unexpectedly nasty delight. When songwriter Espinoza Paz debuted the song last year, it seemed a tossed-off joke, like one of Toby Keith’s bus songs. Paz is hyper-prolific and usually maudlin, the driving force behind many drippy ballads about corazones. Vicky Terrazas (the brunette Horóscopo) said in a recent interview that “Paz es un Shakespeare,” which makes sense if we’re comparing their use of horns metaphors, but otherwise not so much. In “Cama,” though, he gives the Terrazas sisters a stately framework to exact diabolical revenge on their lovers, baptizing their anonymous new lays with the name of “amante” and hurling small-dick insults. Speaking of which — and notwithstanding the trenchant realism of the video — which fucking hotel hands out fruit baskets containing not just giant zucchinis, but eggplants? Are they conducting this tryst at the county fair?

Andy Hutchins: This is one of the funniest songs I’ve heard this year. In before the English-language remake, which will no doubt cut straight to the “He’s bigger than you!” reveal that plays as both wisely cutting and wistfully hurt here and make it a cruder joke. (But seriously, someone give this song to Rihanna.)

Jonathan Bogart: Straight-ahead baller ranchera, two feet on the ground and lungs blowing for all they’re worth. The tuba is what gives the song its languorous kick; the wind flourishes are cute, but it’s that blarting low end that backs up these two unflappable divas narrating their unabashed cougardom.

Megan Harrington: The overtly sexy title is a bit misleading, this is more like an anthem, a rally cry for the cheating heart. The interplay between the horns and the tubas suggests something like a devil on one shoulder and a worse devil on the other shoulder, suggesting bad ideas and then urging the reciprocal bad behavior. There’s nothing very seductive about “Estoy Con Otro En La Cama” but it makes infidelity sound as fun as a night of heavy drinking.

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  1. this is fucking awesome btw.