Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Readers’ Week 2015

2015, the year of Carly Rae Jepsen, Susanne Sundfør, Fetty Wap, and Lukas Graham, is coming towards its end. Even after sharing our responses to those and hundreds of others, we know we’ve missed out on even more. So, once again, we want to ask you to help us do a little bit to fix that. If there’s a song you’d like us to cover which was in some way a single in 2015, let us know.

Please email with details of your song by midnight at the end of Saturday 28th November. One choice per person, please. You can also give us a sentence about why we should cover it if you like. Here is a list of what we’ve already covered, and suggestions from outside of what we normally cover in geographic or genre terms are very welcome. We’ll pick fifteen songs, and run them on the week beginning 7 December.

If you’ve seen Readers’ Week in the last couple of years, you’ll know some of those who picked songs have also written great blurbs for those entries. To make this even more of a Readers’ Week, we’d like to extend the offer to write for us for the week further. If you’re interested in the prospect of writing about some of the songs we’ve missed, let us know at the same email address. We’ll give you a sneak preview of our fifteen choices as soon as we make them, and you can write about any of them you like for us.

4 Responses to “Readers’ Week 2015”

  1. I had a list of around 10 songs I want you to cover and I can’t decide which one would be more interesting….

    Dan Deacon and Hot Chip both released some good singles that weren’t covered but I think they’re ‘controversial’ artists and they wont a score much higher than 6 or 7. Oddisee, Maribou State, Kurt Vile, Rationale, Natalie Prass… probably the same fate.

    I was also thinking about nominating Format:B – Chunky since it seemed pretty big in Europe this summer but it might be the wrong season to listen to it now and it doesn’t seem to have that cross-over appeal that is preferred over here.

    So, I’ve decided to nominate another group which I can’t tell if you love or hate (a good sign) but I wont mention it in this comment in case it gets picked up and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

  2. I love the Hot Chip singles. Started Right and Need You Now are killer.

  3. Ask for the Natalie Prass anyway! Regardless of the score, I always love hearing people talk about her. Her album was so good!

  4. Bunch of good picks so far, as expected. But we crave more. Email!