Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Sia – You’ve Changed

The screengrab doesn’t really capture how good the video is, but hey ho…


Mallory O’Donnell: You haven’t.

Martin Kavka: About a year ago, Lauren Flax released “You’ve Changed” as a genrebender for the dancefloor: a heavy chugging beat, a trumpet solo from the airy-fairy Ibiza heyday, and Sia moaning in happiness as her lover left his tomcatting ways behind. This version, produced by Greg Kurstin, is still a mishmash — after a twee toy-piano opening, it’s heavy on new-new-wave flavors with acid and girl-group accents — but it’s more deliciously ecstatic. I miss the single entendre of the moans, but this record makes me wonder whether pop aficionados might have better orgasms than dancefloor habitués.

Dan MacRae: I like Alphabeat. This sounds like not-very-good Alphabeat. I do not like this.

Edward Okulicz: Sia is usually such a sad sack that it’s both pleasant and a novelty to hear her voice over something so carefree and blippy. Compact too — just over three minutes, and if it sounds like there’s a bit missing between the verse and the chorus, then so much the better.

Martin Skidmore: Strong, soulful singing over sharp indie-funk backing. I don’t think she is quite tuneful enough to carry this off with complete success, but there is a decent enough song, and some real life in the bouncy music. A vocal less straining for effect would have suited it better, but it’s still enjoyable.

Anthony Easton: The last thirty seconds or so, with something that sounds sort of like a clavichord and something like bells, is so pretty, so gorgeous that it makes the general vaguness of the rest of the text crystal clear – it’s a nice trick.

Michaelangelo Matos: Bright, bubbly disco with a creditable lead vocal whose ululations and melisma sound caught up in the groove rather than like mere showing off. That’s the swooping bass line’s job.

Chuck Eddy: The synths sounds fairly sweet and bouncy, almost in an ’80s Italodisco way. The singer sounds like she has a headcold, and should shut the hell up.

John Seroff: The song is great, the video is great and I wish I were able to isolate just what I’m enjoying so much here but I can’t seem to.

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