Monday, February 8th, 2010

Powderfinger – Burn Your Name

Plod on, baby…


Martin Skidmore: Our editor predicted that I wouldn’t like this number from these veteran Australian AOR rockers. I hate to be predictable, but clearly I am. It’s all skillfully done, the playing and harmonies and construction and so on, but I can find nothing in it to excite me or to enjoy at all.

John Seroff: Powderfinger are apparently Australia’s answer to Coldplay. “Burn Your Name” is not unlike listening to U2 cover “What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding”. Neither of these statements fills me with joy. Neither does the song.

Martin Kavka: This is completely formulaic. But if the U2 plagiarists of yore could release some pretty awesome songs (e.g., The Alarm’s “Rain In The Summertime”), and if U2 themselves are pretty sucky these days, do I really have to apologize for liking this as much as I do?

Matt Cibula: You know what really pisses me off? When a group names themselves for an iconic song or album by another performer, especially when their music has absolutely nothing to do with the act being referenced. I also get pissed off when songs are boring and overinflated.

Chuck Eddy: Guitarist displays an impressive ability to make “Frére Jacques” jangle, I’ll give them that; opening’s almost pretty enough to be from New Zealand!

Hillary Brown: You know, there’s nothing fancy going on here, although it’s possible that it’s delivered with some air kicks live. This song could totally be performed at Superbowl half-time, and yet it was written last year, from what I understand. It’s not too aggressively rocking, and while it would fit fine in a commercial, it’s also not so obviously made for one. Why is this so hard to do? It’s a completely pleasant track with strong melody, nice cymbal crashes, and plenty of vocal harmonies. Way to go, Australia.

Doug Robertson: If you want to know how they came up with this, just go into Word and start typing in the lyrics. Within seconds, that annoying paperclip will pop up and say “It looks like you’re trying to write a radio friendly driving anthem. Would you like some help?” before offering you a range of templates you might like to use. This is number 5: Open Road Acceleration.

Alfred Soto: They sound bells, burn her name, and steal guitar licks from Neil Young’s Zuma – anything to tell us Who She Is. So what is she? Show, don’t tell.

4 Responses to “Powderfinger – Burn Your Name”

  1. I didn’t review this because of my inability to be objective, but I will say that the fact that Powderfinger are considered our most popular rock band of the last 10 or so years is an indication of how much Australia hates itself. And this is still their best single in nearly a decade!

  2. Totally agree with Edwardo – not in the context of the song, which I haven’t heard, but in general, they are truly Australia’s most boring, overrated rock band. And people wonder why they never made it big overseas.

  3. Dude. Really? I’m glad I decided to review this one. I heart dad rock, apparently.

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