Friday, January 15th, 2016

DLOW – Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me

For which we’re grateful to Vine.


Brad Shoup: Again: that’s one dance named 500 times, not 500 dances in one song. I’m glad this is getting people out of the house — and this is gonna be one hell of a cultural footnote — but for the indoor folks there’s still “Knuck If You Buck”.

Jonathan Bogart: Dance-craze instruction songs have such a long and august history in pop that it’s certainly possible to come to the conclusion that the present tense of Vine-fed one-hit-wonders represents a sort of nadir in the form. I don’t know why you would, though; Chubby Checker was never Fats Domino, and Silentó is not Young Thug. No reason why you shouldn’t catch your pleasures where you can. But running the standard ominous two-note Chicago drill beat under DLOW’s cheerful Simon-Saysing is almost enough of mismatch in moods to be hilarious; because I’m in a graduate-student frame of mind, I’ll call it “productive tension.”

Iain Mew: From the early shout-out to having another hit on, this feels a bit calculated. It’s a logical next step in Vine hits where the challenge is built in as well as the dance, and it misses the intense energy of “Watch Me”. There’s a limited enjoyment to be had from someone methodically hitting all the marks in even a familiar dance, though.

Thomas Inskeep: An instructional dance video which has charted on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to YouTube views: “The Twist” -1000.

Micha Cavaseno: It’s one thing when this kid was making tunes specific to the dance music of his town, but another to want to cash in and be a viral sensation. And this beat sucks, yo.

Alfred Soto: I bet I can.

Andy Hutchins: In case you wanted a “Watch Me” remix of “Knuck If You Buck.” Only valuable as a soundtrack to Vines.

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One Response to “DLOW – Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me”

  1. I interviewed Dlow around the time the Dlow shuffle was a huge deal in Chicago. I walked into the recording studio we were meeting and he had the music video for the Dlow shuffle playing on the computer. I pointed to it and asked him “How many times do you hear this a day?” He just opened his eyes real wide, sighed, and said “Man, I don’t even know.”

    This is waaay bigger than that so I can only imagine how many times he hears this one.