Friday, February 5th, 2016

Flo Rida – My House

Not a Lou Reed cover.


Thomas Inskeep: I am befuddled by how, exactly, Flo Rida has become one of the most consistent hitmakers of the past decade: this is his 11th top 10 pop single in America. All of the evidence from his singles, however, shows that, much like Black Eyed Peas, he succeeds by going for the lowest common denominator. His songs are party “jams” without any charm, designed for maximum kegger/bottle service impact; “My House” is no different.

Jonathan Bogart: I went into it hoping for a Madness flip, but this is almost as good. Flo Rida’s the most consistent pop-rapper of the past decade, which now that I think about it may mean he’s the most consistent pop-rapper of all time.

Brad Shoup: What a lane Flo’s carved. I’ve never seen anyone yell “DAD” at him: he’s pure product, a melodic pop-rap heavyweight with no need for cred, or even visibility. Shit like “My House” does all the work: that creeping left-hand piano figure, that gorgeous synth-sax counter, the “Impeach the President” sample. All of it forms a field where Flo Rida can harvest as much corn as he can handle.

Cassy Gress: The piano reminds me of the Four Tops, and the drums and that saw-wave sax work well. Remove the pre-chorus, which is, I don’t know why it’s like that, but it doesn’t match anything and is, I think, about a different house altogether, and we’re golden.

Alfred Soto: Singing like a “Sesame Street” Muppet before recalcitrant children, Flo Rida returns after a three-year absence with a Jason Derulo discard.

Will Adams: My happiest moments socializing in college were in houses — not trudging through the cold to yet another place a friend told me was happening, not bumping into strangers in a club and feeling like everyone was looking at me, not blowing all my cash at the bar in a futile attempt to sustain my buzz. It was enough to swirl a warm beer in my hand, sit on a couch, and laugh with whomever was there: best friends or the familiar face from a lecture. Since graduating, the feeling’s continued; I long for my other friends to see the value in just staying in, realizing that we don’t have to go out to have a good time. “My House” is a party anthem for the homebodies, and that it’s delivered by Flo Rida, reigning champion of insipid club fare, turns it into something amazing.

Maxwell Cavaseno: The funny thing about “My House” is…well, for me, it’s that he used “Impeach The President,” meaning longtime copyright holder Aaron Fuchs is getting paid off or suing Flo Rida later. Also, it’s a straightforward pop/hip-hop track. The “Impeach” thread reminds me of another jam that rode this sample: “I Love College.” “Impeach The President” is funky as a motherfucker, so if you just have a sweeping chorus, minimal track and those drums? You’ll do great. And even someone as mediocre as Flo Rida, who I just saw getting out freestyled by the flabby gutted son of Mike Rotunda on WWE last week, can make this work as a jam. Those drums sell themselves, man.

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4 Responses to “Flo Rida – My House”

  1. Fun fact: after almost 7 years of coverage, this is the first time Flo Rida has broken a [6] average as a lead artist (and only his second time counting a feature he did with Alexandra Burke in 2009).

  2. Funner fact: The first song the new Jukebox ever covered was “Right Round”.

  3. Funnest fact: I LOVE THIS SONG

  4. might be a [10] now