Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite – Wile Out

Yeah, Zinc isn’t in this video much…


Martin Skidmore: I like Dynamite’s new ragga style a lot, and I was looking forward to hearing some brisk D&B beats behind her, but it turns out that Zinc has abandoned the genre, in favour of a restless kind of house. So, resetting my expectations: sinuous bass and lively beats, always busy, with Ms Dynamite energetic over the top. I like the bubbling music a lot, and Dynamite is the perfect voice to add some catchy brightness on top.

Michaelangelo Matos: It’s good to see Zinc still making some of the most buoyant U.K. club music around, a decade after “138 Trek” made it onto almost literally every single two-step garage mix/comp I bought. This sounds like it could have a similar claim to ubiquity: a title catchphrase that’s utilized more or less constantly, but isn’t annoying.

Matt Cibula: I always either overrate or underrate songs like this; suspect it’s the former here, but I would be happy if I was in a club and this came on. But I would be happier if Ms. Dynamite came to my house and serenaded me with it because cor she’s fit innit.

Frank Kogan: Dynamite manages to sound both untouchably stylish and as if in an eyeblink she’d roll up her sleeves and mix it up with anyone. The beats run along darkly, somewhere between ominous and bouncy. The track isn’t quite sure whether to crack a smile or not.

Alex Macpherson: Zinc calls the music he’s making these days “crack house”: in the context of the UK’s club bass scene, what it loses with its straightforward directness it gains back with sheer toughness, all metallic edges and taut, coiled springs of synths. Ms Dynamite elevates the beat significantly, slipping with ease between a mocking croon that brooks no compromise and her always-thrilling patois MCing.

Anthony Easton: Interesting in a pop historical kind of way, plus another point or so for her voice.

Pete Baran: DJ-ing at Poptimism last Friday, it occurred to all of us that we were now living in a post-“Bad Romance” world, where the old dancefloor fillers no longer worked. I could flog Girls Aloud like a barrow boy going out of style, and it got indifference. So I think it speaks legions for Zinc and Dynamite here that a track only known by a few caused so much commotion. Zinc’s beats are on the bubbly exciting side of minimal but it is Dynamite who hasn’t sounded this vital since she won her Mercury. Actually, she’s not sounded this vital since before that album. Incessantly brilliant.

Alex Ostroff: Dance music often makes writing feel redundant — I don’t really care about how it’s put together, or what I should be calling the various parts. I just know when I like it and what it makes me do. By that measure, “Wile Out” is damn good. The elastic bassline makes me bob and shake whether I’m on the street or in a cafe. The shimmery descending alien noises (0:40), hyperactive drum rolls (0:45), and other sonic ornaments are just gravy… is attempt number four, and nothing I’ve written can quite capture the sheer fun of this song. Ms Dynamite incites us to “make a scene, wile out. Embarrass ’em, wan’ scream and shout,” and if that doesn’t describe the effects of this tune, I’m not sure what can.

Chuck Eddy: I know so little about this genre that, for all I know, this is totally generic. If so, maybe somebody should direct me to a good compilation of such stuff. Her toasting is extremely catchy, even if I haven’t much clue what the words are about. (Best guess: Wild night out on the town?)

8 Responses to “Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite – Wile Out”

  1. surprised this ranked so high.
    Will, can we update the current “Anthems” to ’10 status yet?

  2. it is Dynamite who hasn’t sounded this vital since she won her Mercury.

    “Bad Gyal” and “Get Low” last year! (Both even better than this.) And the amazing “Don’t Stop” in her 2006 A Little Darker mixtape…

  3. “Bad Gyal” and “Get Low” are both banging, but I prefer “Wile Out” as a single. Seems like more of a song to me, not that that matters really but there you have it.

  4. Yeah, apparently the public agree with you as “Wile Out” has just been Ms Dynamite’s first top 40 hit in half a decade. I genuinely have no idea why it’s more of a single/song at all, though I have zero sense for a song’s crossover/general public appeal anyway, and sort of think anyone who rejects “Bad Gyal” or “Get Low” is just a moron.

  5. Wilding out or wile-ing out is going berserk, right?

  6. Yes. is our friend.

  7. I believe this is the tenth song to get a score over 7.00 this year. The others (in descending order): Wiley & Chew Fu, Joy Orbison, Gold Panda, Big Boi feat. Gucci Mane, Dennis Ferrer, The Bangz feat. New Boyz, Sade, Lady GaGa feat Beyoncé, and Gil Scott-Heron.

  8. I’m not surprised. It’s a good year so far for albums too, I think.