Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Jason Derulo – In My Head

That’s his “I want to go to there” face, in case you were wondering…


Kat Stevens: Like a spoiled child having eaten too much fudge, I have grown weary of the omnipresent trance-bibble electro’n’B constantly peddled by Jay Sean/Tinchy/Taio/Chipmunk etc for the last year or so. And now Jason has swapped half of the sickly sweet synths for compressed-to-fuck chugging guitars. Bleurgh.

Hillary Brown: Mighty vanilla, even from a dude whose first single of note remixed Imogen Heap, but without the confidence or conviction of that earlier effort. It’s a good thing he feels the need to say his own name at the beginning of the track, or it would be easy to forget by the end who, exactly, is even contributing to this junior high-esque fantasy.

David Moore: I suppose this is as good a time as any to suggest that Jason Derulo, Iyaz, and Jay Sean all start performing together as Jaysean Dirulaz, thus freeing up a bit of space on the charts for someone else. Billboard could use a good defragging every now and then.

Martin Skidmore: This R&B single has an unusual energy, from its choppy rock guitar sample. I find the vocals pretty ordinary, though at least the autotuning is moderate. He’s a decent songwriter too. Overall, the strength of the beats gets this through.

Alfred Soto: If Ryan Tedder and Ne-Yo are all in your head, why can’t you just keep’em there instead of shouting us awake?

John Seroff: Call me when you get Imogen Heap back.

Martin Kavka: There are lots of things I detest about this piece of Rotemiana. The constancy of the drumbeat just bores me after thirty seconds, and I wish that Derulo would stop breathing heavily into the microphone. Still, there are some moments — especially during the pre-chorus — when I think that there is a decent song lurking underneath here, begging for another singer and producer to set it free.

Alex Ostroff: The chorus is a shameless retread of “Just Dance” and the lyrics are generic to the point of non-existence. Not even faux-Jamaican patois or pervy loud sexual panting can bring this to life. In fact, I probably docked a point for the uncomfortably heavy panting.

3 Responses to “Jason Derulo – In My Head”

  1. See, I actually think the beginning of the song is fucking awesome, at least until Jason Derulo starts singing and/or announcing his own name. He’s like that guy who draws genitalia on the desk in high school.

  2. I don’t like guitars and this guy sounds just like, I don’t know, Chris Brown’s less talented big brother. Like if Chris Brown formed a Brown Five, with brothers from other mothers Jay Sean, Mr. Derulo… and Jay Sean, Derulo would be Tito.

  3. Taio Cruz first album makes a much better use of those electro influences, tho.

    But this ? This it’s just not good.