Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be Rockin’ That Body

“Oh man, she totally called some guy a MEGA DOUCHE MASTER!!!!!!!!!” “LOL!”…


Anthony Easton: Silver Lame Cape, Spiked Eppaultes, Lucite Bodice, Leather Fetish Masks, Giant Robots fighting, some sort of sonic gun that restores urban centres with the power of music, and it was all a dream–3 points for truly bizarre hubris.

Martin Skidmore: Sadly the first is not a song about insects, just routine bragging, which picks up dramatically halfway through into a fairly muscular banger, albeit with the old acid house “whoo Yeah!” sample making an irritating comeback. The second song is another club number, with all kinds of annoying effects on the vocals. I’m kind of mystified by their gigantic success, and neither of these numbers changes that for me.

Michaelangelo Matos: Endless, ham-handed, clattering, with its eight minutes adding nothing of value to either the original song (which could use it) or the Rob Base sample (which doesn’t need this at all), this wouldn’t pass muster on disc three of Stock Aitken Waterman’s Gold, which itself is nothing but headache-baiting 12-inch versions. It makes me want to pour water over their robot bodies.

John Seroff: The lyrics are uninspired and the rapping should only be called that in scare quotation marks; the band has nothing to say; the sounds are one-and-all incredibly derivative. It’s still kind of epic. I mean, god help me, I don’t particularly _WANT_ to like it when takes out his recycling, but god’s honest is that every now and again he gets past my filters and better judgment. This is executed as well as this kind of formula can be done and I have to (grudgingly) admit, it’s pretty impressive stuff. Guess I gotta put it on a blog.

Al Shipley: When “Imma Be” first appeared more closely in the wake of “A Milli” nearly a year ago, it felt like one of many knockoffs of the Lil Wayne hit. Now, it feels a little more its own entity, but hearing it stand on its own merits just underlines that it features as many ugly, cheesy production ideas as good ones, and the sheer density of different things going on ends up being more of a liability than a strength.

Martin Kavka: A world in which these two songs would be #1 for six months would not be a bad world. It would certainly be a better world than the one in which we currently live.

Alfred Soto: My opinion of this act rises in direct proportion to the quality of their “interpolations.” The dense secondhand electro funk with which they drench “It Takes Two” has a musical audacity that compensates for the dearth of a conceptual one. I know I’m supposed to praise their quest for pleasure for its own sake, but the failure of their voices to signify on their own attests to the uneven ground on which their pleasuredome rests.

5 Responses to “Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be Rockin’ That Body”

  1. “the failure of their voices to signify on their own attests to the uneven ground on which their pleasuredome rests.”


  2. ” the band has nothing to say ”


    90% of my problem with this song.

  3. “the failure of their voices to signify on their own attests to the uneven ground on which their pleasuredome rests.”

    Disagree — Fergie and are totally distinctive! If they’re not signifying “fun,” they’re at least signifying “Fergie” and “,” which is something (and I’d argue it’s something interesting). But I may be misinterpreting what you mean.

  4. William to me always sounds like he should be doing a McDonald’s commercial, or better yet one for K-Swiss. Like that’s about his talent level, blandness, corporate sheeny quality, and general out-of-placeness in the rap landscape. The same is true of Drake in a way more nauseating but admittedly much less incompetent fashion.

  5. “Imma Be” has to be one of the worst, most annoying songs ever recorded and might even be the straw that broke the camel’s back to solidify BEP’s standing as one of the worst bands ever. Thankfully, ever since the first time I had the misfortune of hearing the poor excuse for music on the radio, I have mastered the ability to change the station or just shut off the radio within milliseconds of the “song” beginning.