Friday, March 12th, 2010

Steve Aoki ft. Zuper Blahq – I’m in the House

In short – we don’t like this…


Matt Cibula: My house just sighed heavily, as if to say “Dude, don’t blame me for this shit.”

Michaelangelo Matos: At least Crazy Frog had some fucking personality.

Martin Skidmore: House producer Aoki teams up with, so we get electrohouse backing with a vocal on top that at times seems to be straining to fit with different beats than those for which it was written. The music has a reasonably lively pumping feel, so it’s a shame the rather awkward vocal drags so much of it down.

W.B. Swygart: Y’know what “Disco’s Revenge” always needed? guest verse. Cos on its own it was a solid 8, but when you get turning on his full traffic-warden-explaining-the-importance-of-washing-behind-your-ears-to-a-class-of-five-year-olds flow over the top… next level, y’know?

Martin Kavka: In an ideal universe, I would be able to see this as something more than dull electro with a useless rap over it. However, my take on the song has been ruined by the video, in which Steve Aoki seems to think that if we see him repeatedly don and doff his shades, we will agree with Lindsay Lohan that he is the coolest man ever. Dude, it didn’t work for Corey Hart. Why would it work for you?

Edward Okulicz: For some reason, I’m getting a kind of palsied 90s gay house vibe from the music (like a bassier Candy Girls, maybe) and yearning for it to get more full-bodied to get it over the line into “OK”. Also, I long for it to have some kind of faceless house diva over the top of it instead of, or to have a hook line that isn’t completely lazy, or for it to just vanish from my consciousness instantly.

Hillary Brown: Holy shit if this doesn’t make “I Gotta Feeling” sound like Cole Porter in comparison.

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