Monday, April 11th, 2016

TT the Artist & Snappy Jit – Dig

Can’t write tagline, too busy moving ass like a merry-go-round right now.


Cassy Gress: If you’re not ready for it, this wall of sound lunges at you, until TT thunders in, like Missy Elliott with her Hefty bag suit on fire.  As this is fading out, I feel like James Brown’s handlers, the guys who put the cape over his shoulders, anxiously anticipating an epic performer’s encore. 

Alfred Soto: I love hip hop records that sound like overheard street conversations, and the first minute mimics the most febrile of them, and without much fuss this track accrues strength from a sequencer-led fade-out.

Brad Shoup: It’s a club banger disguised as a Miami bass track disguised as an instructional cut. All these gimbals revolve around TT, who is dead set on you having fun. But nothing — not the hook, not the half-time commands, not the lasers squeezed through tubes — is as fun as the people at the beginning, talking about how excited they are to dig.

Will Adams: TT the Artist has a voice and command I could listen to for hours. I got tired of the “Look At Me Now” pings within seconds.

Ramzi Awn: There isn’t much to complain about on “Dig” — TT and Snappy deliver a solid attempt at dance-hop, plain and simple.  

Edward Okulicz: TT recalls Missy Elliott, and if Basement Jaxx had remixed “Gossip Folks” instead of “4 My People,” this would have probably been the next logical step for a female rapper in 2003, not 2016. I don’t mind the wait when it’s playing, though, because TT’s presence is as exhortative as any rapper going at the moment, and it feels like when listening that she’s telling you personally to move your lazy ass with every word. It buzzes at light speed and she doesn’t fall behind for a second.

Crystal Leww: If on one side of the dance vocalist spectrum you have pretty singers like Kai, AlunaGeorge, and Justin Bieber, the other side of the spectrum you have pumped up, high octane, super energetic youth like UNIIQU3, Tkay Maidza and TT the Artist. Their lineage is obvious (from Missy), but it’s interesting to see the forms that this form of dance vocalist have taken through time. TT the Artist is from Baltimore, so she originated mostly on Baltimore club beats. She’s spent the last couple hopping on everything from bass to electro to more straightforward hip hop though, appearing on tracks by Shiftee, Baauer, and a bunch of remixes by collaborator Big Dope P. “Dig” is her latest single, and it has her teaming up with Miami-trio Snappy Jit for a Jersey Club beat, much more reminiscent of the club roots she came up on. I love how this is filled with energy at every moment — even the outro where TT’s quietly chanting for you to “bring it back up and dig some more” feels as though its full to the brim, as though she’s going to command you to dance once again. “Dig” is for perpetual motion on the dance floor without a single pause, perfect for the energetic dance vocal tradition from which TT comes from. I just out here trying to party

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  1. fun fact: my dude from youth group days is on the remix album