Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Trey Songz ft. Fabolous – Say Aah

Late start today, due to our editor being a nerk…


Dan MacRae: Trey Songz likes women. His tangible qualities are buying drinks for them and likening himself to professional second fiddle (and Slam City star) Scottie Pippen. So, what time would you like your breakfast, ladies?

Martin Skidmore: It’s okay, as he usually is, with good production and lifeless vocals with quite a bit of autotuning, and Fabolous providing some pretty anonymous contemplation. It kind of sounds like a junior, watered-down version of “In Da Club”, but not as interesting as that might suggest.

Rodney J. Greene: 3 parts “Blame It”, 1 part Smarm of Drake. Stir, serve on the rocks.

John Seroff: The transition from loathing this to loving it took some time but I’m beginning to appreciate that as being my working method for Trey’s songs. Songz’s glancing curiosity with a working rhyme scheme, world-class dumb-ass lyrics (if “tryin to get you Homer/would you be Marge Simpson” hasn’t won some sort of an award for most eyes rolled, it’s not for lack of trying), the chintzy metronome beat, the general void of meaning or emotion at the song’s heart: all this points to a bad end. What excuse can I give for not tossing this in my mental round file? Gotta be the chutzpah, the Soulja Boy factor, the verve, the blue cap, the henny. Most of all it’s gotta be my strong stomach for the tropes and weaknesses of modern pop R&B. Guess I’ve come to terms with my role as the Ron Howard at this party.

Al Shipley: This has always sounded like everyone involved jumped in the studio immediately after hearing Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It” and followed its formula as closely as possible. But the looser, louder beat and an equally indelible hook have made “Say Aah” a pretty massive anthem for alcoholics in its own right.

Alex Macpherson: Given how much I loved “Blame It”, I’m not going to object to that formula being rinsed and repeated for a while yet.

Ian Mathers: Musically there’s nothing wrong with this, but precious little that’s terribly right; I can’t remember the last time I heard a song so generic that I have a hard time remembering who did it. And really, “I’mma beat your body like a congo”? Either Trey is very bad at sex, or he has some very satisfied percussion instruments laying around.

Hillary Brown: It makes perfect sense that, the less wacked out Trey becomes, the more likely he is to end up with a hit as big as this one, with its simple implied call-and-response well-suited for the club, and it still has some moments that raise an eyebrow but just because I’d prefer something a little stranger doesn’t mean this isn’t totally pleasant to listen to, with its funny little plunks and relatively fast tempo.

6 Responses to “Trey Songz ft. Fabolous – Say Aah”

  1. score is way too low–ya’ll are going to regret not having this on your ’10 top 10 once you come around to it

  2. This whole song is an extended metaphor for ejaculating on girl’s faces and in their mouths. And I like it, but not necessarily due to the previous sentence.

  3. I think you just ruined any enjoyment I was getting out of it.

  4. hahaha, i thought that comment was for ‘Hillbilly Bone’ and I was in the middle of writing a scathing rejoinder until I saw what song we were on.

  5. I think Fab’s verse goes in some mildly interesting directions and that the hook is solid, so I will say, um… yeah I’m not too crazy about this, 6.2.

  6. 6.2? Since when are we working with tenths of points here, Tray? Heh.