Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Yo Yo Honey Singh & Jasmine Sandlas – Raat Jashan Di


Brad Shoup: In the single from his first action-movie leading role, Singh pulls a Tom Hardy and cedes the terrain to Sandlas. It’s her rough-edged singing that propels the song: he’s not even here for flavor, he’s here to take the wheel when she flags. And even then, Bani J is ready to spell him.

Thomas Inskeep: Pollywood trap: I can get down with this. Jasmine Sandlas slays her vocals.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Production here is a couple years behind with slightly localized tints, and honestly Yo Yo Honey Singh’s flow isn’t really particularly inspiring to check what bars he might be spitting. I’d rate it somewhere in the ranks of “Maybe technically better but less interesting than French Montana”, a damning position for my ears. That said, Jasmine’s vocal tone is rough and tough, and her singing’s addition makes this far more enjoyable than it would’ve been otherwise.

Iain Mew: I may be missing common antecedents and parallel evolution, but this makes me think of “I am the Best” a lot in sound and attitude. Its beat bangs just as hard, Jasmine Sandlas leans somewhat on the same combination of authority with a lurking smile, and it has a chant that similarly blasts away the need for any more of a typical chorus or structure. Singh and Sandlas give in a bit too much to the urge to just keep on riding it to the point of diminishing returns, but I can understand the temptation.

Cassy Gress: By and large I’m reminded of how this sounds, except blander.  Jasmine Sandlas sounds like she’s noncommittally giving orders through a megaphone, inside one of those warehouses you see in crappy action movies where there are fire barrels and ducts everywhere.  The noncommittedness sinks this; it also lasts a minute or two too long.

Will Adams: When the kick drops out, leaving only Jasmine Sandlas, some horns and a 4/4 clap, it almost sounds like the song is speeding up. It’s not, it’s simply that Sandlas gathers that much force in her delivery to command her surroundings. Yo Yo Honey Singh isn’t quite on her level, but “Raat Jashan Di” is a blustery club track through and through.

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