Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Daddy Yankee – Shaky Shaky

And iiiiiiii helped!


Juana Giaimo: While reggaeton artists are changing their music to fit in the trend  — see Yandel’s “Encantadora” — Daddy Yankee decided not only to be loyal to his beginnigs, but to take them to an extreme. His rapping lacks a melody or any kind of sensibility as he boasts about his sexual appeal. He hasn’t been this repetitive since “Gasolina,” while the warmth of reggaeton is lost in a schematic beat with no flow at all. As a result, this might one of Daddy Yankee’s most boring singles.

Alfred Soto: Repetition wears down the hook’s meager charms, and learning that the line wasn’t “dame una gordita” forced me to dump fifty words about the Puerto Rican act’s body positivity.

Cassy Gress: The pokey guitar line is uninspiring, and aspects of Daddy Yankee’s flow remind me of a more throaty G-Dragon, of all things. I won’t lie, though, I’d shaky shaky to this.

Will Adams: A whisper and subsequent re-chop of a Sly & Robbie sample (last heard on “Freaks”) is the only salvageable element in this dull reggaetón exercise in which Daddy Yankee chants like a kindergarten bully mocking the weird kid’s name: JAKEY JAKEY JAKEY JAKEY JAKEY.

Josh Langhoff: Daddy Yankee’s “One take!” braggadocio makes him more Cee-Lo than Glenn Gould, so thank goodness DJ Urba and Rome marshaled a small army of Yankees to squawk and pop off around him. Working those “rrrrr”s and changing his delivery from one chorus to the next, Yankee twitches like a seismograph needle giddy over the destructive potential of booty.

Patrick St. Michel: Daddy Yankee couldn’t find one guest vocalist to buff this one out? 

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