Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Kid Sister – Daydreaming

Doughnut thought bubble provokes outrage…


Chuck Eddy: One of the lesser tracks on one of last year’s better albums; guessing it’s a single because of Cee-Lo, whose part is notable primarily for being the only music I heard in 2009 other than Bruce Springsteen’s “Outlaw Pete” to blatantly rip off hooks from “I Was Made For Loving You” by Kiss, their late ’70s disco move which has since been covered by countless gay Euro Hi-NRG acts. As for Kid Sis, at least she stays light on her feet.

Alex Macpherson: That either Kid Sister or her team apparently believes that this raggedy take on the Black Eyed Peas plays to her strengths is perplexing; even worse is the dispiritingly ass-backwards sound of Cee-Lo doing his best impersonation.

Kat Stevens: Probably the blandest track on Kid Sister’s otherwise excellent album. I wonder if this is due to the Steve Winwood thing going on in the background of the chorus? It’s way too wishy-washy for her playful slick-quick-switch-board tongue-twisters! Cee-Lo saying ‘crazy’ over and over again certainly isn’t helping.

Matt Cibula: Wow, now a girl gonna make me drop another Cathy Dennis reference on the Singles Jukebox. Will people please start recognizing that this kind of fun bullshit, like pimpin’, ain’t easy?

Martin Skidmore: This is a nice poppy blend of rap, R&B and electro, making more a bouncy and cheery medium-paced club number. A bonus is predictably gorgeous guest vocals from the great Cee-Lo Green, but she is good too, singing in a warmly likeable and suitably dreamy style, and rapping with sharper energy. Very good.

Dan MacRae: How can something with so much work put into it sound so much like a first draft? This track’s clearly been gone over and re-thought and magnifying glassed and the like, but it still manages to sound strangely incomplete. Not in a “hold on to your opera glasses, this is the work of dangerous rulebreakers” kind of way, but more of a “slap some gloss and get it out there, we’ve got a reservation at the Olive Garden” kind of way. Kid Sister’s accrued charm goes a long here, though. Bring on the remix.

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