Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Joey Montana ft. Akon & Mohombi – Picky (Remix)

Fuck, marry, kill, go!


Alfred Soto: It’s like Joey is directing the chorus at me.

Taylor Alatorre: The repetition of “picky” still sounds ridiculous as a hook, but by surrounding himself on the remix with more light-hearted personae, Joey makes it easier to believe that he’s in on the joke, or that there even is one. Letting Akon cut to the front is crucial in resetting the tone — his girl may have high standards, but she’s settled on none other than him, so it’s all good! Also, it’s Akon, whose voice is the lingua franca of harmless summer fun. Mohombi doesn’t veer from the script as drastically, but he too focuses more on his feelings of devotion than any laments about rejection. This could be the theme song to a transnational buddy comedy about three dudes on the prowl, trying out their different approaches on the ladies to varying results. 

Cassy Gress: You think she doesn’t want to bailar contigo just because she’s picky? Maybe she has standards. I do! They say that a pop song must have more than two chords, or else it must have a very interesting vocal line.

Brad Shoup: “Picky picky” > “shaky shaky”. Love the microscopic horns: a dollar-store anthemic touch. Akon’s at home in the brightness, which is impressive, since he’s on a reggaeton song as imagined by Jason Derulo.

Leonel Manzanares de la Rosa: The sole virtue of the original track — its “back to the roots” approach, honoring a long tradition of Panamanian dembow — gets dulled by the inclusion of a well-intentioned but lackluster Mohombi, and a completely lost Akon. It did make me go back and listen to El General, but remember: The only way to make a good reggaeton remix is to really play with the beat.

Edward Okulicz: No doubt Montana’s kind of gross, but I live for that picky picky picky picky picky hook. In fact, I resent the fact that the majority of the song isn’t just picky picky picky picky picky over and over again, a mindless repetition of a hook over a track that seems absolutely tailor-made for such a thing. I mean, three different vocalists, this thing might actually have too much variety for its own good, and it doesn’t even have much!

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