Friday, April 9th, 2010

Waka Flocka Flame – O Let’s Do It



Chuck Eddy: He has a very rhythmic name, I’ll give him that.

Michaelangelo Matos: Did he get his name by appropriating some old person’s idea of what rappers call themselves? Probably no more than he got his sound by appropriating some old person’s idea of what rap sounds like: “basic” will do nicely here. Or maybe just “poky.”

Matt Cibula: I actually fell asleep listening to this. That can’t be good.

Martin Skidmore: There are real megastars (Diddy, Wayne, Luda) all over the remixes, which puzzles me a bit. He sounds a touch laboured, perhaps unavoidably so over what strikes me as a distinctly awkward beat. There are moments with a Soulja Boyish swagger, but mostly it feels held down by the strange rhythms, which still sound stilted even after several listens.

Rodney J. Greene: The best wild-assed,hard-headed knuck ’em, buck ’em fight-rap song since Crime Mob debuted. Waka Flocka’s raps are more memorable than expected or immediately evident, which I’ll put up to the semblance of narrative and his trap’s tendency to go hammy. More nimble, too, bouncing in different directions off of the few reference points provided by the stark beat, which doesn’t even enter until he’s been down, up, and in fear of falling again.

Al Shipley: The best argument for keeping Gucci Mane out of jail: every time he goes away, one of his worthless henchmen starts to get a buzz as his temporary replacement. And like OJ Da Juiceman, Waka is so loathe to pronounce half his consonants that I would’ve thought this song was titled “Olé Dewey.”

12 Responses to “Waka Flocka Flame – O Let’s Do It”

  1. man, crunk kind of sucks in 2010

  2. singles jukebox 2010 be on some bullshit if i may say so. kind of hard to believe this is worse than a joy orbison b-side or wiley over a rave beat. waka flocka’s admittedly not quite as nice as last year’s big boi singles, but at least this is a damn good time. britishes domination is a bad sign in my book.

  3. The only Brit who voted for this gave it an [8].

  4. yeah, that was a flop,son!

  5. yall don’t spend enough time in rap clubs to understand why this is a great song. it’s fucking thrilling everytime you hear it, even if it’s been over 6 months since it dropped

    also: waka flocka flame had his name bestowed upon him by gucci mane as “the sound a gun makes”, matos. just fyi

  6. Good to know, thanks.

  7. The mix in the video is really weird and off, like there’s no reverb on the vocals or something.

  8. I side with Rodney. The first time I heard this I too was really bored, but now I spend, like, nearly an hour a day with phrases from this song stuck in my head. Such as “lock my CEO up, now it’s back to coca,” “ever since they killed my nigga Trav I’ve been poppin pills and acting crazy,” “I fuck my money up, now I can’t re-up,” and of course, “YEAHHHHHHHHH, o let’s do it, o let’s do it, o let’s do it.” I’m not even sure that Gucci has ever made a song that hits on such an elemental level. Though of course he’s a way better rapper.

  9. 9 ? Can’t fucking believe this … I still think 4’s too much …

    And compare this to Crime Mob ? Crime Mob’s way, way, way, way, way better than this’ll ever be.

  10. Crime Mob’s nothing like Waka, sinister get-buck (imitation early Three 6 basically) vs. warm friendly get-buck. Both are quite good though.


  12. I miss Crime Mob, too.

    Obviously the sounds are a bit different, and no, this isn’t as good as “Knuck if You Buck” (hence the words “best…since”), but they are clearly working with the same contexts, traditions, and aims.