Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper – Perfect Strangers

Featuring the winner of EDM Vocalist Most Likely To Share A Name With One Of Paul Ryan’s Summer Interns


Thomas Inskeep: At this point, I think I hate tropical house more now than I did trance-pop nearly 20 years ago. 

Crystal Leww: There are two things that I believe to be absolutely true: “Fast Car” is an absolute jam for the ages and dance music is better with female vocals. Jonas Blue traded both of those things in for his follow-up to his EDM cover of “Fast Car” that ended up growing on me as time went on. Maybe “Perfect Strangers” will do the same, but it’s already done two things less well than his breakout hit.

Iain Mew: The lesson from this in comparison to Jonas Blue’s “Fast Car” (and Sigala) is that dull dance is a lot more amiable when it’s at least got a new melody, especially if it’s aided by brass blurts. Winning the 2016 award for Stealthiest Deployment of a Vocalist Who Come the Chorus Turns Out to Sound Like Jess Glynne After All isn’t such a positive.

Alfred Soto: The sound effects — fake marimba, fake horns — compensate for JP Cooper’s fake soul.

Brad Shoup: Cooper doubles up the chirping synth filigree, but he also strains some Caribbean and South African pop into his chorus. I can shut my eyes and transpose this to some CBS studio outfit in the early ’80s: omnivorous and polished, with more staying power than I would’ve guessed.

Cassy Gress: This was going to be a [4], on the basis of how the verses are written so that JP Cooper sounds like he’s accompanying Jonas Blue rather than vice versa. I was then going to knock it down to a [3] because of how the chorus seems to heavily focus on the “go nowhere” part of “this might go nowhere but let’s enjoy the night anyway.” Then we get to the trombone bwomps and the generically “African” “comeON comeON comeONNN-a” and I just sort of throw my hands up.

Will Adams: The brass-filled drop — not unlike Martin Solveig’s latest exploits — was a welcome change from the marimba-filled template. I’m torn on the idea of “Fast Car” being a springboard for Jonas Blue, but “Perfect Strangers” is the type of slow-creeping dance song that I won’t realize I love until it’s too late.

Juana Giaimo: “Perfect Strangers” has all the elements to become a summer anthem: warm vibes, an EDM drop, lyrics about a disruption in the routine and the possibility to become someone else in the course of three months that would change your life. Unfortunately, it is predictable unlike the summer it portrays. 

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  1. every time i see JP Cooper i think DB Cooper