Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Sincere ft. Ghetts, Scorcher, G FrSH, Wretch 32 & Little Dee – Pass It Over

Several rudeboys galore…


Ian Mathers: I have just listened to this song at least ten times in a row and I can’t remember a single thing about it. Let me listen one more time. Okay, the robot voice on the hook isn’t bad.

Iain Mew: Splashy synths get all but buried in the mix, with the pummeling deep beat giving much of it the feel of trying to listen to shouted conversations in the club: a couple of those taking part are a little annoying but everyone’s having a good time nonetheless and there’s just as much good stuff coming out as bad. Special mention to “It could get messy/Ballin’ like Messi” which is genius, stupid or both.

Frank Kogan: I’m at such a sociolinguistic distance from these chaps, I can’t tell if they’re making love or playing football – they do carry on a bit, though they’ve got a nice bubbling cacophony in which to do so.

Matt Cibula: I have it on very good authority that Lord Peter Wimsey got over his PTSD by blasting this every day on the wireless.

Martin Skidmore: The wailing and metallic hip hop beats from Kid Bass are terrific. Sincere and the various other rappers, none of whom I know anything about, join in enthusiastically enough, on a party-hard theme, without ever impressing. The sound is very fresh and quite striking, but Kid Bass needs to work with some better rappers – couldn’t Khaled could lend him a half dozen of his?

Alfred Soto: Betcha ten dollars T-Pain would have guested on this in America.

Edward Okulicz: Buzzing and frenetic, like an ideal soundtrack to driving really really fast, if only in a video game. The most I can say about the rappers is that they don’t exactly detract from matters, though each could do with a touch of identity. Still, a pretty exciting track in spite of all that.

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