Monday, April 26th, 2010

She and Him – In the Sun

”Dear Sir or Madam. I do not know who you are, but if you so much as try calling me a ‘MEGA DOUCHE MASTER!!!!!!!’ one more time, I will not hesitate to inform the authorities. Yours, M.”…


Dan MacRae: Justin Bieber for nebbish twentysomethings seeking to be rescued by a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Ian Mathers: Who on earth does this appeal to? Let me rephrase that: who on earth does this appeal to who doesn’t already have a few dozen better examples of the form, ones that that aren’t weirdly mannered and teeth-grindingly ‘cute’? Extra points off for the truly awful video: if you’re telling me I have choose between M. Ward’s glowering goatee or the happy-clappy mugging of the Zooey Deschanel Dancers, I’m going to Heathers the fucking school.

Anthony Easton: I know I am a sad indie fuck, but I love Zooey Deschenal’s voice more then I have any right to — the politics or the aesthetics of this does not ruin my genuine enjoyment of it.

Matt Cibula: Underneath the indie sweater is a va-va-voom bombshell. And I ain’t talking about the pulchritude of Zooey D, neither.

Frank Kogan: Strangely crowded track with jaunty early jazz piano incongruously introducing a lounge number that features slide and tremolo imported from the Pago Pago Room, all the juxtapositions symbolizing a detachment that’s presenting itself as knowingness. Could still work if in the center you didn’t have Zooey sounding toneless and dead.

Martin Skidmore: There’s a likeably relaxed warmth and brightness in her voice, but the whole thing seems pretty dreary most of the time, despite a decent if basic chorus.

Alex Ostroff: Don’t get me wrong, She & Him certainly know their way around a catchy melody and intricately simple arrangements, and Zooey has a charmingly capable voice. Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily enough. “In the Sun” feels slight. The verses might have some bite, but the choral mantra of “Well alright! It’s okay!” is a touch too precious to register the emotional weight required to bring retro-pop numbers to life.

Iain Mew: There are hints of Camera Obscura in the diffident places, but mostly this sounds like a semi-comatose Rilo Kiley. Further listens just draw out how incredibly slight the song is and how content it appears to slip by unnoticed.

Jonathan Bradley: I was out the other night, and this great song came on. So I used my iPhone to figure out who the band was; downloaded their album right there. And the best part was, my iPhone told me when they were coming to town. So all I had to do was buy the tickets! I still don’t know how my iPhone does all that.

3 Responses to “She and Him – In the Sun”

  1. Also, if I ever have to hear Deschanel sing “every day” again I am going to punch somebody.

  2. someone compared the band to the carpenters which explained why i loved it so much

  3. Yup, “semi-comatose Rilo Kiley” perfectly sums up She and Him to me.