Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Lil Yachty – 1 Night

Maybe controversy?


Hannah Jocelyn: “1 Night” is off-putting and kind of ridiculous, from the opening synth to the actual content and delivery of the lyrics. That campiness becomes almost hypnotic as the song goes on, and from the music video, it’s easy to tell that nothing about his absurdity is lost on him. However, the slickness and modernity of “1 Night” prevent it from being as playful as Yachty and co probably think it is. Both the video and song still work, though, because they end up on the the right side of the line between stupid-but-fun (like everything DJ Khaled) and just plain dumb (like Antidote).

Claire Biddles: I can forgive a lyrical dirtbag if he makes up for it with his performance, or his charisma, or his sensuality. I eat up the fake-nice platitudes of Drake or the mean-spirited jibes of Matty Healy not just because they’re hot, but because they know how to charm me, despite my full knowledge of their faults — it’s the pop version of meeting a guy at a bar, rolling your eyes at what he says all night, then going home with him anyway. “1 Night” quickly establishes Lil Yachty’s douchebag credentials, but the sexual promises that are supposed to sweeten the deal are dead behind the eyes. His lyrics are definitely gross, but it’s his monotonous, lecherous delivery of them that make me retch.

Juana Giaimo: It’s very hard to listen to Lil Yachty’s monotone for four minutes. If this was a little bit more pathetic, I could have at least considered it a joke song. 

Katie Gill: First I listened to the song. Lil Yachty’s lethargic flow is definitely a unique style choice, one that obviously doesn’t work for the song though it works for me. Points for that lyric about the Four Seasons, which made me laugh. Then I watched the music video, and those four minutes of slight surrealism and purposefully bad aesthetics made me see the song in a different light. The song’s a bit of a joke. But does the music video show that Lil Yachty’s aware of that?

Iain Mew: I like that this takes its woozy aesthetic to such an extreme. There’s not much to it, but its lack of energy infuses it with sadness even as Lil Yachty goes for totally disaffected. At best, it feels like his fantasy lack of commitment and the inevitable fallout are both there layered over each other, uneasily coexisting without ever touching.

Jibril Yassin: Lil Yachty sounds like the prototypical little brother or sister singing along to rap music they don’t really get, and the effect is chilling. “1 Night” feels slight and pleasant, pad chords just tinkling away. Yet a smaller background seems all the more fitting for a breakout role like Yachty’s.

Rebecca A. Gowns: At first blush, the words rub me the wrong way, but as the song loops on repeat, it’s clear that the whole thing is tongue-in-cheek. It’s a pat on the head, yes, but it’s also a hair tousle; the annoying brothers who tag along with you and your friend, and you let them stick around because they keep making you laugh despite yourself. Burberry Perry and Lil Yachty have created a sound that is so of the moment, so irreverent, and so genuinely fun to listen to — echoing music trends from the past several years, yet infused with a freshness, a je nes se quois that keeps me listening to this over and over.

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