Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Monika Lewczuk – Ty I Ja

The trop house structure needs work.


Iain Mew: Dance-pop so slick that it can incorporate sad duck noises (possible relatives of Stromae’s seagulls) and make them sound as cool as everything else about it.

Alfred Soto: Remember how noxious those whistled hooks were a decade ago? This steel drum-meets-organ preset is as bad.

Natasha Genet Avery: Lewczuk’s vocals are wasted on this trop house paint-by-numbers: we’ve got bouncy xylophone synths, kazoo, handclaps, and a post-chorus drop. Will this summer ever end?

Claire Biddles: Yet more fuel for my campaign Ban Synthesised Noises As Replacement For Actual Choruses 2k16

Katherine St Asaph: This isn’t a song. It’s a 15-second sample of a hook for radio stations.

Tim de Reuse: A properly energetic delivery, ballsy enough production, third-act twist,  slow crescendo, or any number of things could’ve distracted from the fact that this song is based on an endless three-note loop. I mean, if this is really the route you’re gonna take, at least lean into it! But, no, this tune stands firmly in place with a glassy-eyed stare into the middle distance. It sits in my memory like a ball of wet tissue paper.

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