Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Smoke Break

The Singles Jukebox will be going quiet for a bit. Many of our writers are based in the US, and no matter where we are, we don’t much feel like writing about pop just now. As a site with an international focus that tries to pay particular attention to queer voices, non-white voices, disabled voices, and non-Anglo voices, the election of two demagogues who stand for actively harming those communities has been a blow.

We’ll be back. Take care of one another.

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29 Responses to “Smoke Break”

  1. Fuck Donald Trump and fuck anyone who voted for that piece of shit.

    Stay safe and come back soon.

  2. I love this website and everyone who contributes to it. Please be safe

  3. Thank you to all the writers on this site for expanding the world for the readers. Keep safe and know we’ll have your backs.

  4. Being in any of the groups you listed above, times are often filled with uncertainty and phases of outright depression.
    Being a gay immigrant myself I have often used some of the music found here as a boost to overcome hardships I might face in life. Thank you! And keep the music coming.

  5. Enjoy your days off…but first I need the New Shakira song review :)

  6. Thanks for everything!! Definitely a huge blow :(

  7. This has been such a shitty moment for the country. I’m thinking back to how many of the musicians that have been helping me process the past few days were featured on here. Just wanted to thank all of you for the work you do.

  8. Hmm, so this site is anti-white?

  9. No? Several contributors to this website are white

  10. Fair enough.

    So….have the writers gone on that protest, smashing up shops and cars and defacing public property etc? #lovetrumpshate

  11. Funny hashtag for thinking inclusiveness means anti-white.

  12. I know it’s not good form for a site to insult its readers, but assuming you’re not being sarcastic, Ben, you’re very bad at thinking.

  13. lolololol ur a dumbass ben bye

  14. No, i wasn’t implying the hashtag referred to an anti-white sentiment. I was merely doing it to signify the hypocrisy from the anti-Trump crowd.

  15. DNFTT

  16. OH in that case, Ben, yes, our staff — which is spread across 5 different continents — did all attend “that” protest. did you happen to find any pictures of us there? i think we would like them for the christmas card.

  17. Respect to you guys

  18. i am very anti-white, most days.

  19. it’s after labor day so yes i’m anti-white

  20. @Niche. Unfortunately, on many occasions, ‘inclusiveness’ is often just another term for ‘anti-white’. The ‘white privilege’ movement has proved time and time again that reverse racism is definitely an existing concept.

    @Anthony@j.winters. But why? Why would you hate an entire race of people?

    @Will. Nice ad hominem, much appreciated.

    By the way everybody, i know Mike Pence is renowned for his unfortunate views on LGBT, but Trump doesn’t have any disdain towards them. He even said in one of his rallies that he supports them. Time will tell…

    And sorry for being a bit fiery before. I just find it annoying how many Trump supporters are demonized as being monsters when this protest has conveyed far more hatred and intolerance than the right have acheieved throughout the duration of the campaign.

    Both sides have their cretins, but i think America is in good hands. Just give him a chance :)

  21. ……………….

  22. *gently pats ben on the head* oh, ben. sweet, sweet ben. just go back to sleep. it’s okay.

  23. :(

  24. Probably IS in “good hands” for a cis white dude. Not so much for others.

  25. ben, it simply does not work that way. white is the dominant race and thus cannot be persecuted in any meaningful way. if the yankees do not win a world series does that mean they aren’t still the most decorated team in baseball? TSJ is a site that prides itself on tolerance and acceptance but that does not extend to a party that elected itself on the back of hate speech/a KKK endorsement/islamaphobia/misogyny. you are never going to win any of us over to your side and this debate you’re waging is an exercise in futility. there is no need to worry about the future of white people in positions of power but maybe it’s time you thought about your own white insecurity and how self hatred led you to comment on a singles review website in support of a reality TV president.

  26. There’s a reason why Ben rhymes with ‘bin’, as in waste/trash receptacle. Stay alert kids.

  27. Seconding everything my fellow writers have said; also, what the fuck website has “Ben” been reading that this is in any way surprising?

  28. Wow, this website that makes a big point about hearing voices and providing outlooks that aren’t the default white, male, cisgendered, straight, etc. might not like someone who is intent on diminishing and removing those voices…Also, I’m saving the “‘inclusiveness’ is often just another term for ‘anti-white’” comment for when I need a laugh. That shit is hilarious.

  29. is… is macklemore flaming us