Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Readers’ Week 2016

2016, you may be pleased to note, is coming towards its end. We’ve covered hundreds of songs but we know we’ve missed out on more still. So, as is now safe to call traditional, we want your help to move the balance slightly. If there’s a song you’d like us to cover which was in some way a single in 2016, let us know.

Please email with details of your song by midnight at the end of Saturday 26th November. One choice per person, please. Here is a list of what we’ve already covered, and as ever suggestions from outside of what we normally cover in geographic or genre terms are very welcome. We’ll pick fifteen songs, and run them on the week beginning 5th December.

We also love reading what you have to say about your choices. So, if you submit a blurb along with with your song, we’ll run it on the site, either as part of an entry if we pick the song, or as part of a round-up post of everything we didn’t pick. Don’t feel that you have to write a blurb though – all submissions are welcome regardless. We look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to “Readers’ Week 2016”

  1. I used my one suggestion on an unlikely pick, but I hope someone else thinks of “Super 8” by Little Jinder (which I appreciate but don’t love) and “kill them with kindness”

  2. YES, ‘Super 8’ is such an underrated song!