Monday, November 21st, 2016

Andy Grammer – Fresh Eyes

Fresh eyes, two for a buck!


Katie Gill: Andy Grammer is mom pop. I mean, there’s no way around it; he’s music designed to appeal to the middle-aged woman demographic while occasionally courting the top 40. And no where is this more apparent than this song, which seems tailor-made for listening while you cook dinner or are on the world’s most vanilla date night. There’s potential, especially in that “ohhhhhhhhhhh damn,” but Grammer squashes that with the most underplayed, boring production I’ve heard all year.

Alfred Soto: How delightful: I like melted ice cream as much as anyone.

Will Adams: So: Andy Grammer, after hitting it big with aggressively obnoxious toilet-pop, gets serious and dives into “Waves“-wave two years too late, admits to being a “stereotypical man” as he cartoon drools over this woman’s new haircut or whatever, makes you think he’s really going to sing “I’m in love with a stripper” every chorus, and attaches all this to an Extreme Makeover: Homeless Edition video. One point for taking such a comprehensive approach to trolling.

Jonathan Bradley: There was a lot to hate about “Honey I’m Good,” but a lot of that was by design; it was deliberately perky and unrelenting, its cornball antics zeroing in with the same precision-targeting as the best — and worst — Eurocheese. “Fresh Eyes” is just as thinly conceived, only in place of manic commitment it has heapings of smarm and a sensitive-bro guitar figure that maximizes the opportunity for repetition by dicing its two-bar cycle into four nearly identical, truncated variations. It turns out there’s nuance and sensitivity in Jason Mraz — and it can be excised.

Ramzi Awn: One wrong move after another makes for a shocking success in sonic failure. The overt references banish any semblance of fear that Andy could recover from the devastating embarrassment that was the first line of the song. At long last, we now know who won Most Likely To Wind Up In A Julia Stiles Movie in high school.   

Edward Okulicz: I came to this song with fresh ears, determined to give little goofball Andy another chance. And I was repaid for my generosity with a song that has none of the vomit-inducing perk of his previous two hits, and didn’t even make me angry, the fact of which actually did make me a little angry. Instead, it’s a gentle, laid-back song whose stupidity and grossness only manifests itself if you bother with the lyrics. He correctly confesses that he is a stereotypical male, so I’m prepared to reduce the charges accordingly.

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  1. didn’t blurb this because I traveled all day but “fresh eyes” sounds like a prop in a haunted house