Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

It’s the EDM collaboration that was fated to happen due to sheer probability!


Katie Gill: The mark of a great song is when you know that so much work, so much time and effort had to have gone into it, but the song as a whole feels light and effortless. This is that song. I’ve always been a fan of Porter Robinson’s work and here he builds electronic layer upon electronic layer so that when we get to the chorus it’s just an explosion of sound…that then quickly peels away to the melancholic ending, with those strings just speaking volumes of sadness, possibly more than the lyrics did in the first place. It somehow sounds awe-inspiring and yet at the same time comforting, giving the shelter that the lyrics detail. Also, it’s been three days since I wrote this review and I’ve listened to this song at LEAST twenty times. I’m hooked.

Iain Mew: I’ve had the reassuring nonsense reverberation of the hook (“eh-oh-oh-eh, eh-oh-oh-ah”) going round my head for days. The rest is insubstantial, but the naive warmth of that bit alone carries the track.

Alfred Soto: Apparently the market for distorting voices into pipsqueak range is growing, for which I blame the pills that Mike Posner took in Ibiza.

Ryo Miyauchi: Though they start with the same materials, I always saw Porter Robinson and Madeon reaching somewhat opposite conclusions: Porter seems overwhelmed by how big the world is; Madeon relishes in the infinite. “Shelter” is, then, check and balance. While the latter gleefully ventures closer to the bright sun, the former’s anchoring drums reel the ship back to base. It’s also a nice mark of teamwork: the latter’s optimism encourages the melancholy of the former to shake off a little fear to take the next step forward.

Will Adams: A vibrant meld of these two kids’ knack with starry-eyed dancepop, held together with a “Sleepyhead”-esque hook that fits perfectly over the technicolor walls of synth.

Edward Okulicz: I did a Google Image Search for pictures of these two together and damned if they don’t look like they’re on a first date or something. Having been friends for years, they obviously aren’t, but there’ll always be a slash fiction writer in me waiting to get out, particularly when listening to a song that uses the idea of giving shelter (see Taylor Dayne’s classic of the form) as devoted and tender protection. The music too suggests a warming, protective cocoon. It’s too breathy and twee and lacking a chorus to really take me to pop heaven, but it’s lovingly-made and cheesy in a good way.

Katherine St Asaph: The most tiresome elements of pop since 2010 — breathy Bieber-y voice (provided by a man and a producer, so of course this one is credited), snippetized syllables in lieu of writing a chorus, Cascada synths, fakedeep musings, pretty atmosphere obscured by a fog of chill. Points only because they’re at least not the most grating elements of the decade.

Jonathan Bradley: The dappled sunshine riff is pleasant enough to make “Shelter” a worthy entry into the annals of pastoral electronica. Even more promising is a verse that arrives with throbbing rhythm guitar and hints of pop immediacy. Without a real hook to carry it home — and it’s not apparent Madeon’s wan voice would be capable of delivering it anyway — the result is more along the lines of a more robust Lemon Jelly for the 2010s.

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3 Responses to “Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter”

  1. Ahhhh, I did not review this. However, I will say that at my desk this is a [7] but at Electric Zoo this was easily a [9] live

  2. Love all these blurbs and so happy you guys picked it up but I wish at least someone would’ve talked about the video ;( it was a big part of making the song :((
    But great work as always!

  3. God, that video made me full-on ugly cry the first time I watched it.