Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Sofía Reyes ft. Reykon – Llegaste Tú

A bit too much for most of us…


Juana Giaimo: Sofía Reyes has tried ballads and EDM tracks, but it seems that she finally found her style in “Llegaste tú”, a warm and partly acoustic love track featuring a light cumbia beat with an innocent spirit. It could be put together with CNCO’s “Reggaeton Lento“, which is enough for me to hope this becomes a new trend.

Iain Mew: I like the questing, semi-episodic structure, which is pretty unusual. Reyes is also good at giving the quieter phases a sense of possibility for magic, fun or both, even if the overbearing chorus isn’t a destination I’m too pleased to end up at.

Alfred Soto: More convincing as flamenco-flavored come-on than hydroxygenated disco thumper.

Ramzi Awn: Sofía’s intro to a particularly… energetic chorus is stunning, and so is her recovery. The joyful chorus is admittedly infectious, and “Llegaste Tú” sparkles with hooks all around. 

Will Adams: What’s clever about the explode-y bit is by the end of the song, it goes from being over-the-top and unsubtle to nicely tying up the narrative. From the sound of those stiff trance synths, though, it seems like more time was spent on the quieter verses.

Edward Okulicz: Reyes’ voice is too much, too loud, too everything for this song; she makes the beat sound tinny, which is some feat. If she sounds like this in concert, she would not be in need of a wind machine.

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