Monday, November 28th, 2016

Mickey Singh – Phone

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Cassy Gress: I’m almost always up for hearing that bhangra lilt, but I don’t know why they hired Eeyore to do the bassline, especially when all he did was feel a sneeze coming.

Edward Okulicz: There’s something about the bass in this song; when I listen really intensely, focusing in on it, I feel woozy, as if I’m going to be sick. Therefore, I wouldn’t risk it on the dance floor. It’s the sections where the bass cuts out that the catchy rhythm of the words and the charm Singh has come that make me want to persevere, but this is a good, if generic cut elevated by charisma and equally damaged by some bad choices.

Alfred Soto: I hear potential but the fake tape effect joins the processed chipmunk vocal in the list of grievous modern recording sins.

Ramzi Awn: Las Vegas casinos need this bad. Or Miami Beach. It’s all about the second verse in Mickey’s sexy ballad in disguise. 

Juana Giaimo: “All of the feelings I can’t show without going crazy,” Mickey Singh sings in the pre-chorus, and that might be the best description of “Phone.” His voice can be both casual and carry a tenderness that makes this single somewhat deeper, even when it could be a dance hit. 

Jonathan Bogart: Of course the person to make bhangra even slightly a thing again in the US fifteen years after “Mundian To Bach Ke” couldn’t pass the paper-bag test. The song is structured too much like generic EDR&B, but the bhangra bits are distinctive enough to make me hope he might have better stuff, not so reliant on bog-standard party tropes, in him.

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