Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Britney Spears ft. Tinashe – Slumber Party

Today’s entries all feature Feature Kween Tinashe. Because Tinashe.


Alfred Soto: Its original version a 7 already, this “Slumber Party” offers a Britney and Tinashe who hide the suspicion that they’ve got nothing in common using breathy anticipation. As in the original, the electronic wobbles and canned mariachi chorus summon an idea of a slumber party to which teenage girls should aspire.

Ramzi Awn: “Slumber Party” is so classy, it’s literally a sleeper. Effortless vocals, a groove for days, and built to repeat. Every part of it is true. And you need to listen to it at a slumber party. 

Katie Gill: Britbrit’s current career has been on a rocky trend, from the abject horror that’s “Pretty Girls” to the love-it-or-hate-it “Make Me.” So imagine my shock when she puts out something that’s… actually good? The slumber party metaphor is pretty darn juvenile and stretched to the point of no return and the beatwork is nothing new, but the sultry vocals do wonders and that last chorus is downright spectacular. Likewise, Cameo Queen Tinashe is someone I always appreciate seeing even if she doesn’t add much to this song. The end result is something downright sexy and oddly decent.

Thomas Inskeep: Mildly dull until the mildly skanking chorus kicks in; then it’s just bad. Tinashe appears to be here only to provide some sort of hipster cred while Britney sleepwalks through the twilight of her career. 

Cédric Le Merrer: Playfulness is Glory‘s saving grace, as the album really does need excuses sometimes. So I get that Britney is kind of having fun here and can forgive it as album filler, but why pick this as a single exactly?

Katherine St Asaph: Images that do not belong together: cologne and candy (sorry, fragrance industry), pillow fights and overdosing, a pillow fortress and an erection, a slumber party and “we use our bodies to make our own videos.” Which is worse: David LaChapelle doing this creepy sexualized-childhood shit before Britney was 18, or whichever conservatory-enabler signed off on Britney doing this creepy sexualized-childhood shit when she’s nearly 35? Shame about the underlying “Body Party” track; at least that time it wasn’t hitched to Swedish reggae, and was inhabited by adults.

Will Adams: The triumph of Glory was that Britney had finally found production that suited her: butter-smooth pop creations instead of the harsh, angular EDM that sullied Britney Jean. While “Slumber Party” is one of the less impactful cuts — the lyric concept unravels the moment you think about it, and the addition of Tinashe just adds to the confusion — it’s easy enough to get lost in its reggae haze.

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3 Responses to “Britney Spears ft. Tinashe – Slumber Party”

  1. Calling someone who cannot legally make major decisions for herself a non-adult as a zinger seems a bit…counter-intuitive to the point you’re making.

  2. I meant the persona of the song. Obviously everyone involved is actually an adult.

  3. wow. a whole five people who are out and out wrong!