Friday, December 2nd, 2016

John Mayer – Love on the Weekend

He should really consider bottling some of that overflowed serotonin and donating it to science, to help with researching new psychiatric meds. Just sayin’.


Will Adams: Bad: “serotonin overflow.” Worse: “flying fast like a wanted man.” Worst: “I hate your guts.” And yet, miles better than “Your Body Is a Wonderland” (which haunts me to this day) as far as ceaseless hounding goes. The gorgeous arrangement helps; Mayer’s affected twang does not.

Thomas Inskeep: Do people just like Mayer’s music because they want to have sex with him? Because these tepid grad school come-ons are straight up bullshit: “I’ll be dreamin’ of the next time we can go/Into another serotonin overflow,” for fuck’s sake. He’s the sleazeball who beds anyone he wants, and there’s no good answer why, apart (I guess) from his being a smooth bullshit artist.

Katie Gill: Oh my God. This is country. This is country, this is John Mayer doing a stripped down country production, muting the vocals, adding some lazy guitars, and taking out the banjo and strings, this is John Mayer writing a song after mainlining Kenny Chesney and thinking “I want to do that, but with less twang.” As such, I know I’d like this better if it HAD those banjos, strings, and twang.

Anthony Easton: Mayer never knows how to play between smarm and sweetness; this kind of works until the line about serotonin, and then it becomes too clever by half. 

Ramzi Awn: In an interesting turn of events, John Mayer offers up a perfectly fine take on country love, down to the piano wire.   

Alfred Soto: Whaddya know — a persuasive Mayer about getting laid? The arrangement is tops: strategically deployed piano runs caressing his guitar, which he strums for the sake of tart bursts. The lyrics, however, deserve another draft; when John sings about “serotonin overflow” he sounds like a man who just painted his toenails.

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One Response to “John Mayer – Love on the Weekend”

  1. I didn’t blurb this, but I probably would have focused on the production and engineering – Manny Marroquin (at last taking a break from mixing ImagXne Ambassadragons) did such a good job here. Love the contrast between the dry drum machine and the reverberating guitars/subtly processed vocals.

    Though honestly, if I mixed it, I would place those lyrics as far back as possible. There are not a lot of times where “I hate your guts” can be in a love song, unless you’re the kind of person who thinks that “No Children” is one.