Friday, February 10th, 2017

Sage the Gemini – Now & Later

“Now & Laters” are good; I just wish they were a little chewier.


Katie Gill: As a Taurus, I’m naturally prone to excesses like good food. So it only makes sense that I’d love a song which deftly plays with the mixed images of sweetness. Sage the Gemini compares the sweetness of a relationship to the sweetness of candy in a verse that’s simultaneously witty and down to earth. That backing is a LITTLE confusing (was it played on a cheap recorder?) but I can overlook that with just how comfy and, well, sweet the overall song is.

Lilly Gray: Glad the whistle from “Wiggle” is still getting work! I’m really into the grab-bag fun of this song, which cribs from all top 40 Flo-rida and Jason Derulo hits of the past five years to make a pretty appealing stack of dumb toots, accordion riffs and shakes, as varied and sugary as the 31 flavors he references in-song. If any part is too grating or boring, it switches to another trick; I feel like I’m caught in a fixed-shot video tracking through endless brightly colored sets, narrated by the “pay attention to my hands, my hands, look at my hands” magician patter of Sage, every line light and fast. And that damn whistle lingers, man. 

Maxwell Cavaseno: From inherently viral to appallingly sterile, Sage The Gemini’s relatively silent 2015-16 has been an absolute travesty after making such a solid pop-rap album as Remember Me. OK, maybe “Guantanamera” and “Good Thing” were bad and antithetical to Sage’s brand of party rap that got him this far, but after standing out as one of the best rappers in America from 2012 to 2014 that only teens were bumping, he deserved better than to become a flash in the pan. “Now & Later” is him doubling down in the “G.D.F.R.” direction, with a record that definitely reads on the Flo Rida lane via Jason Derulo type antics. Given how FANTASTIC a producer Sage is, hearing him goof along on this cuckoo clock clutter is robbery, and his punchlines have dulled somewhat, but his flows are still impeccable and it’s a step in the right direction for giving him the future successes he deserves.

Will Adams: I feel like I just witnessed a live “upgrade” meme on Flo Rida.

Scott Mildenhall: “Only one Flo and one Rida” always was a bold claim. That’s not to dismiss Sage the Gemini though, because it’s not like the original ever got Arabic into a Western hit single (even if Pitbull did), nor was as able to distract himself from his whistle. Perhaps it would be a good thing if “G.D.F.R.” proved to be the passing of the unexceptional pop rap torch.

Ryo Miyauchi: On one hand, I’m sure Sage the Gemini has about a dozen more of where this candy-themed single came from. Other Bay Area folks that deal in this circuit also upload similar level of pop rap on Soundcloud every other week. Though, I don’t ask for much from this guy but a fun, flirty bop to begin with.

Alfred Soto: The production’s the star: tijuano accordion, bass runs, party chants at low volume, whistles out of a Tom Ze record. Sage isn’t too bad either, cocking his eyebrow while chanting ridiculous sexxytalk.

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