Monday, February 13th, 2017

Brantley Gilbert – The Weekend

We wish, Brantley…


Katie Gill: With a name like “Brantley Gilbert,” you’re practically destined to make middle of the road froggy voiced country music party songs.

Anthony Easton: It’s a Gilbert song, it sounds like a Gilbert song. Not as good as “Bottoms Up,” but not as silly as some of his other work. I like his voice still. 

Thomas Inskeep: There was a time when Gilbert was the Waylon-esque rebel against the clichés of bro-country. Now he’s one of its strongest proponents, rhyming “spring break” and “wake ‘n bake” in the chorus of “The Weekend” and talking about Panama City, “jacked-up trucks and bikinis” within one couplet in the second verse. This is truly lowest fucking common denominator formula country, and also truly terrible. 

Alfred Soto: “Bottoms Up” snuck up on me and the pop chart three years ago. A guitar pattern recalling Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” portended a rueful and punchier drinking track than the rest of the truck boys could manage.

Maxwell Cavaseno: You want an anthem for when you and the boys go mudding? My dude, do I got the record for you…

Will Adams: Just a bit less turgid than Rihanna’s own ode to the weekend, not quite as embarrassing as Eden xo’s, and about as dead-eyed as Rebecca Black’s.

Jonathan Bradley: “The Weekend” has an exhausted yet insistent chorus that sounds nothing like a party and nothing like fun. I feel as if I’ve been made to go out for after-work drinks when all I really wanted was an early night.

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