Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Animal Collective – Kinda Bonkers

What do we have to say about our boys this time?


David Sheffieck: Before I heard this I would have said I was pro Animal Collective sounding like they did when I used to torrent dozens of concert bootlegs. After hearing it I would say that I probably just need to pull out one of their pre-Strawberry Jam records every once in a while to remind myself that at their best even their corniest lyrics had some emotional resonance or endearing observations or weird perspective that worked in their favor. Here the sound is instantly recognizable and the hooks are passable, but there’s nothing worth finding below the surface and the lyric is just spinning its wheels.

Cédric Le Merrer: As with the past few years of the Flaming Lips’ recorded output, Animal Collective seems to have happily retreated outside of mainstream/hipster consideration and into the stoner niche that always has been their true home. Reviewing them while sober, or merely high on anything non psychedelic, seems at best to be missing the point. I’m not about to get high just for this review, but I can compare it to some of their earlier output and from my currently limited state of consciousness, this doesn’t seem like something I would want to hear on LSD when I can as easily enjoy anything from Feels.

Alfred Soto: After a while they gotta know that programmed, trebly, pseudo-tribal oogah booga takes them no further than Flatbush.

Maxwell Cavaseno: We did a lot of corny bullshit in the 00s. I wore Tripp Pants at certain stretches in them. But I’m not doing that now, and I’m certainly not allowing anyone to repeat the mistake of thinking these hacks were worth our time — then and now.

Thomas Inskeep: I’d imagine this must sound great when you’re high on weed or LSD, because I’m stone sober, and it’s horrible. “Kinda Bonkers” is like taking Wayne Coyne to his most pretentious possible conclusion. 

Edward Okulicz: This is less a song and more a collection of stoned campfire singalongs placed end to end, arranged for maximum nausea, and maximum hilarity when you read the annotations on Genius of people who think this means a damned thing.

Will Adams: A bad trip of snipped vocals, buckets of reverb and the most “whoa man just discovered this amazing music… from INDIA” use of tabla in recent memory.

Katherine St Asaph: Ever wanted to get really drunk and drawl along to spa beats? Sure, fine. Just do it far away from me.

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