Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Beboga – Drama Yori Mo Dramatic

How about we do almost the polar opposite of that last one, then?


Ryo Miyauchi: This cues the end of an episode of Ido-Real, a TV doc series about aspiring idol groups. If a brief viewing of the program showed anything, it’s that idols aren’t much without their own narrative. Beboga, too, seems no different from a glance, but the music might perk up after a scan of their bio: this song about perseverance is sung by a former group called Baseball Girls who faced near disbandment before re-branding as a subunit of the Rainbow Conquistadors. Ido-Real tells stories of struggle like Beboga’s, but the more inspiring stories the show highlights, one group don’t seem more unique than the countless other up-and-coming groups in Japan. It’s a weird effect that also casts a shadow on “Drama Yori Mo Dramatic”: this theme about the potential of the individual ironically can be claimed by any group other than Beboga, especially when every unit wants to stand out in a sea of idols.

Iain Mew: Sometimes simple just works. What this lacks in the complications of Momoclo or Dempagumi, it makes up for in constant downhill joyride force, from the first compressed synth blast to the final strength-in-numbers vocal.

Alfred Soto: I wish more were happening besides momentum and an irritating keyboard riff. 

Adaora Ede: Inoffensive girl group harmonies meets fast-paced, barely breathable breaks in the best forum possible. Although I am not as well-versed in the workings of the genre myself, one of my favorite things about idol-oriented JPop are the obvious metal influences most notable in “Drama Yori Mo Dramatic”‘s lurid guitar instrumentals desperately puncturing the highly constructed bitpop shell of song. That chorus is a pure headbanger, by the way. The shredded middle eight is serving me G-Friend aka K-pop pulling off its best impression of early noughties idol pop which has to mean that Beboga is doing something right!

Will Adams: There’s a lot to like about power pop. Bad trance synths are not one of them.

Edward Okulicz: Love how aggressive and slamming the backing track is, despite the tinny beats, but then I like being bludgeoned with cheap synth sounds. Promises a thrill ride from beginning to end, and delivers intermittently too. My complaint is that the girls’ solo lines drip with perk and presence, and then when they’re put together on the chorus, it’s like the life and personality is drained away and it’s like any not-that-distinguished idol group single you’ve heard before. It’s sure nice and loud though.

Dorian Sinclair: As a chorister, I find myself paying a great deal of attention to vocal harmonies and blend in songs with multiple vocalists. Unfortunately, while the members of Beboga have a fair amount of presence and personality in their solo lines, the group chorus — which should be where things kick into high gear — ends up feeling kind of flat and undifferentiated. The other aspects of the song are similar, with moments of real charm tempered by their significantly less memorable surroundings.

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