Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Sebastián Yatra ft. Wisin & Nacho – Alguien Robó

Somewhat dreamy Colomobian reggaeton dreamboat alert!


Juana Giaimo: The reason why “Traicionera” worked was because each line was almost flawlessly chained to the next one by Sebastián Yatra’s self-pitying cadence. But sharing the main role with two stablished reggaeton artists as on this new track means it doesn’t have the appealing egocentrism of his previous hit. None of the three are truly engaging — Wisin will just never change that agressive rapping, Nacho’s nasal voice is too sentimental for reggaeton, and Sebastián Yatra’s warmer tone is lost in this upbeat and traditionally instrumented song. 

Alfred Soto: I’d believe this Colombian singer’s plaint if he didn’t outsource the rue to these raps.

Iain Mew: Wisin & Nacho both grab hold of the song with such delightful energy that it leaves Sebastián Yatra sounding like a harmless holding pattern between their contributions. The accordion at least takes the side of partying straight to the point.

Edward Okulicz: Oh, dreamy Sebastián Yatra, lay your moody man feelings on me! Lay your moody kind of boring man feelings on me, but give me a break in between them. Nacho is a rare voice which can  pierce and overpower the sound of accordions with his presence. I sometimes find reggaeton songs to much of a muchness but this one’s got energy and variety a bit of charm.

Ryo Miyauchi: Who knows if they all have the right to play victim? While Wisin is the most questionable one out of the bunch, Sebastián Yatra sings his case to me with that whimpering voice of his. More sad-boy reggaeton from him, please.

Lilly Gray: The real star of this is Nacho (“La Criatura,” perfect gremilin moniker, perfect fright night delivery)  and his rap that manages to rhyme “mañana” and “pyjama.” It’s a fun lift to an otherwise moaning orgy of manful angst, and the cute bits (such as those pyjamas) remain solidly in the key of Hallmark sap. We’re in mournful gazing at the night sky territory here, with soaring drama-king lines like “it’s impossible to forget you” and the slightly fussy chorus accusing this stolen woman of being the reason “I don’t believe in love anymore.” (La Criatura!)

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