Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Christian Nodal – Adiós Amor

We say adiós to Tuesday with this teen heartthrob…


Alfred Soto: This eighteen-year-old turns a mariacheño ballad with such deftness that it’s uncanny — I swore he was a couple years shy of the AARP set. I resisted the cryogenics. 

Will Adams: Sounding well beyond his years, Nodal wrings whatever heartbreak he can from a start-stop melody. I ended up liking that half-sung midsection, because the leaps really sounded like they meant something.

Josh Langhoff: Leading off Fonovisa’s new Mexillennials comp is this slow stunner, sung by an 18-year-old with perhaps the biggest vocal range of his Mexican teen idol cohort. Perched between norteño accordion, mariachi horns, and a guitar rhythm I’ll forever hear as “Velvet Underground,” he’s warbling a purely pop composition — check out the minor iv chord and the repeated 16th-note hook that jumps from the chorus. But then, it’s hard to find 10 seconds of this song that don’t contain a hook. “Adiós Amor” unfolds into an endless three-minute series of baubles and trinkets, sparkles and flashes, soars and swoops. If “pop music” means anything, it’s this.

Thomas Inskeep: Nodal’s a decent singer, but I’d love to hear some more resonance, some more maturity in his voice; he’s awfully young (18!) and sounds like it. That said, I am totally down with his “mariacheño” hybrid of mariachi and norteño. The horns on this sound swanky.

Juana Giaimo: Christian Nodal may be a very young artist, but he doesn’t sound too innovative from traditional norteño music — at least for an ignorant ear like mine. The brass is too loud and his voice too affected, to the point that it’s almost unbearable to listen to his heartbroken weeps.

Adaora Ede: When I heard “Mexican teeny bopper,” I was expecting CNCO with a little more guitar, un poco de accordion and a Stetson (think Taylor when she was in that awkward middling stage between Speak Now and Red). What I got was a muted Ranchera ballad with bytes of pop in the belted chorus and there’s a something indecipherably pleasant about how norteno translates into distinct adolescent emotion here. Shimmy onward, valiant steed.

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