Friday, April 14th, 2017

Natasha Bedingfield – Let Go

I wanna have your NESTEAs…


Scott Mildenhall: This is her current single. Status: her declaration of independence. And if you think that’s a bad start to a review, remember that those words are her own. But no, she’s letting all that go. Forget that she has a script that auto-favourites random tweets containing the word “unwritten”, this is 2017, and she has a curiously “Sandals advert”-style, sunny optimism about it. Still, it is otherwise on-trend, with its jugful of Tropicana and resemblance to the best 1D debut to date, and for those it’s enjoyable. But “what Natasha Bedingfield did on her holidays” also doesn’t prove exciting.

Ryo Miyauchi: “Let Go” is tropical house in the sense it’s basically an ad jingle for getaway vacation. But it’s not the watered-down dance-pop or Natasha Bedingfield’s blinding optimism that makes me roll my eyes. It’s her sales pitch that freedom and self-realization all comes from a trip to the ocean, going hiking or whatever. I’ll stick to my YouTube recommendations if I don’t want to think about work, thanks.

Alfred Soto: With the garbage bag of a world aflame, Natasha Bedingfield offers a “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with less rhythmic finesse and a maladroit horn chart.

Katie Gill: It’s fitting that the video is a three minute NESTEA commercial because that’s exactly what this song sounds like. That mortgage ain’t gonna pay itself and Bedingfield’s going to be scraping up royalties from this song’s use in cruise commercials until the end of time.

Thomas Inskeep: This soundtrack to an iced tea commercial sounds like a soundtrack to an iced tea commercial. And assures that I will assiduously avoid this particular brand of iced tea.

Will Adams: Hard to say what’s worse: the lyrics, which are just a series of corporate slogans strung together, or the musty dancepop, which sounds like something that would be played at that high fructose corn syrup apologist’s backyard party.

Katherine St Asaph: If I didn’t know in advance which ad this was from I’d still assume it was from an ad, just one for Natasha Bedingfield Summer Camp.

Edward Okulicz: TashBed’s first album holds up really well to this day because her AOR-pop was (except for maybe “Unwritten”) quite tart and wise and it had some killer deep cuts as well as big breezy radio pop. Having her show up as the on-board MC on a cruise liner isn’t exactly playing to my idea of her strengths, but if it had a good tune I’d forgive it. But this one’s so dreary that its trop touches pack more dirt on the grave rather than raising it to life.

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3 Responses to “Natasha Bedingfield – Let Go”

  1. Scott OTM re “Sandals advert.”

  2. that budget “I Gotta Feeling”/”Time of My Life” mashup in said advert is absolutely absurd

  3. I know! Don’t remember this one though: