Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Nego do Borel ft. Anitta & Wesley Safadão – Você Partiu Meu Coração

Our favourite facial expression from a remarkably strong field.


Thomas Inskeep: This recent Brazilian #1 features a lightly loping quasi-reggaeton beat, a gorgeous accordion melody drifting in and out, and a trio of strong vocals, especially from Brazilian queen Anitta, who is all sexy, all coquettish, all the time. It’s also catchy as all hell, no matter if you know Portuguese or not. 

Juana Giaimo: Nego de Borel looked for the right artists to complement his fake heartbreak song (or at least this is what my poor Portuguese let me understand of the lyrics). While he brings the vivacity that the beat needs, Wesley Safadão and Anitta add a dose of warm smoothness — especially Anitta, whose capacity to seduce with a quiet voice surprises me in every new song. 

Ryo Miyauchi: Here’s another case of men being pathetic only to flatter Anitta. Nego do Borel thinks he’s in the right. He even brings Wesley Safadão to back him up. But what they both spend almost half the song trying to get across, Anitta settles in seconds. Her scoff renders their words moot, which only makes do Borel’s comeback even more ridiculous.

Jessica Doyle: Playful, sunny, a delight to dance to. I wish Anitta didn’t sound that much less committed than her counterparts, but that’s a small mark against the song that introduced me to Nego do Borel’s beautifully rubbery face.

Jonathan Bogart: Terrace-chant sertanejo melodies colonizing funk carioca (or at least its poppiest wing); Brazilian music is as always a fascinating if flippant mélange, but the broad huckstering chorus doesn’t quite make up for the lack of commitment from all involved parties. One for the festivals; they’ve all done and will do better.

Crystal Leww: The three vocalists in this do a great job playing off each other, and this is breezy, light, and fun, like it’s suited for the kind of spring that we’re in the middle of.

Rebecca A. Gowns: What a fun collaboration! Peppy songs about heartbreak have such an enduring appeal. Why linger in the malaise when you can dance and shake it off?

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