Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood – The Fighter

Pretty clear who’s the more popular one around here.


Alfred Soto: Drum machines? Check. Synthesizers with a hint of glint? Check. Duet with a superstar who wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing? Yep. The production compensates for a dusty lyric — why couldn’t Carrie Underwood be the one protecting Keith Urban’s scrawny ass? He’s the one who owns the expensive guitars.

Katie Gill: Carrie Underwood is one of country music’s most consistent treasures. She has the ability to consistently put out hit after hit–even her more mediocre songs are still amazingly listenable due to her amazing voice and the power she puts behind everything. Which makes it all the more shocking that she doesn’t even get a full verse on this song and the bits she does get sound shockingly restrained. I’ve a feeling that this is so Urban can still perform this song on tour, with the back-up singers doing Underwood’s part…but you’ve got Carrie Underwood on your song. Don’t just relegate her to the hook.

Edward Okulicz: Urban’s secret thing is that he’s flimsy and insubstantial in a crowd-pleasing way, and his songs are shallow and obvious in a way that makes them readily digestible, and this song is exactly that too. The rinky-dink dance pop production actually lets him loosen up a little bit, and on top of that almost anything would sound impassioned, and it’s kind of catchy. Like everyone on the planet ever, he’s completely outsung by Underwood, but ever the strong man, he’s protected her from having more than a few lines.

Will Adams: Not sure why Keith sounds so proud of himself for blurring genres, since the production on “The Fighter” is so cheap and flimsy that it’s barely a step above other slapped-together-for-pop-radio efforts. Carrie sounds like she couldn’t care less to be here, so at least she recognizes her surroundings.

Juana Giaimo: “The Fighter” has a polished and poppy production, plus it counts with the collaboration of Carrie Underwood to sing together a dialogue-like chorus which makes it very dynamic. It’s only three minutes long — as the “rules” of pop demands– and in those three minutes, “The Fighter” has all these elements to make it immediately enjoyable, but it doesn’t offer much to make it memorable. 

Thomas Inskeep: If this had come out as a single in 2016, it would’ve been in my top 10, hands down. I’ve loved this from first listen, the poppiest thing either Urban or Underwood has ever put their names to — credit/blame co-writer/producer busbee — and it succeeds precisely because of that. Well, that and its lovely love lyrics. And the fact that I could pretty much listen to both Urban and/or Underwood sing a Google search and enjoy it. And Urban’s tricky little guitar licks in the chorus. I want to hear this glorious, joyous ode to love blasting from every radio, everywhere, all the time. 

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