Monday, May 1st, 2017

Ayo & Teo – Rolex

Get your phones out, it’s time for another dance trend!


Crystal Leww: When you search Ayo & Teo on Twitter, the app shows up first in the results and “Rolex” comes ready with a #rolexchallenge hashtag right on its YouTube video. “Rolex”‘s popularity is definitely manufactured, but the “authentic” come-up narrative for young Black artists is overrated. “Rolex” is, at the end of the day, still a catchy chorus with very good production which is usually more than pop radio can muster these days. 

Alfred Soto: I’m suspicious of easy comparisons, but if I heard “Rolex” on 99 JAMS I’d wonder where I could find this unknown Rae Smemmurd track. The hook is as solid as any by that pair, or Migos too. By July they’ll be able to buy that watch.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Sometimes a genre produces soundalike records that pinpoint small details that allow for just the most minor of distinctions in a field. This is not one of those records, because Ayo & Teo have mirrored Rae Sremmurd so well that they even have the same formula of approach and voice, and citing a bunch of Migos bars doesn’t help. The problem with memetics is that sometimes, you supplant what everyone is familiar with to the point you have nothing of your own.

Jonathan Bradley: It’s a big world out there, so I guess there must exist someone who heard “Bad and Boujee” and wished it had more Lil Uzi Vert. 

Will Adams: Well, the trend of viral hip hop novelties was bound to turn up a dud eventually.

Hannah Jocelyn: The beat and hook can indeed put me in a trance, but everything else, up to and including the fact that it’s yet another #challenge meme, not so much. 

Thomas Inskeep: Bargain-basement Rae Sremmurd, but not only are Ayo & Teo not the rappers that Rae are, the production on this is seriously dull. Not that Mike WiLL could even save this dull-ass song. 

Ryo Miyauchi: While Ayo & Teo’s strategy to hit the charts might come from Silento, their actual music is inspired by the viral hits post-“Watch Me”: Metro’s flute, Migos’ dabs, and the Sremmurds of the mannequin challenge fame. And with the latter two groups riding too comfortable of a wave these days, Ayo & Teo’s take actually feels more fun than their inspirations.

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