Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Highlight – Plz Don’t Be Sad

Pretty, plz…


Thomas Inskeep: The ENERGY on this one makes me want to JUMP UP AND DOWN and SING ALONG LOUDLY and WEAR BRIGHT COLORS. Also: synthetic handclaps! Also, I kinda wanna live in Highlight’s technicolor dreamworld.

David Sheffieck: Finally: a generic stadium anthem for everyone who’s ever told a girl Smile, you’ll look prettier.

Katie Gill: These lyrics are absolutely tripe, generic “aw baby don’t be sad you’re prettier when you smile” nonsense that every boy band has sung since the dawn of time. Thankfully, Highlight save the awful lyrics with an amazing production: those whoa’s are downright brilliant, Junhyung’s bit before the prechorus is amazing, and the chorus itself is amazingly catchy. Highlight are hitting up every single boy band cliche in the book with this song, and I adore them for it.

Ryo Miyauchi: Their overt smothering makes them seem like a pushover, though their persistence starts to wear like a charm after their silliness shows they only have good intentions. The whoa-oh-oh’s still don’t exactly convince toward the end, but it feels more suited to this goofy, colorful song than when I heard it in the beginning.

Iain Mew: The pep starts off charming, but by the end of the song it’s exhausting even before imagining what it would be like to try to live up to the vision of a relationship as constantly presented happiness.

Will Adams: High BPMs create easy energy, sure, but it requires more than enervated production and mixing to follow through. Fittingly, the music thinks it’s a lot more endearing than it is; the same can be said for Highlight’s tired “smile for me ;)” message.

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