Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

MHD – Never

Un [zéro]? NEVER.


Maxwell Cavaseno: MHD’s “Afro-Trap” single series has become a mini-franchise of bangers from the francophonic MC; one that now feels very removed from the original’s tone, one that has become a standard exercise with minor excursions from the formula (“Ngatie Abedi” being the one where production benefits from being based on a melody in addition to sparse, martial drums), one that is fairly easy to find the peak among (for me its probably “Fais Le Mouv“). These songs are basically becoming a afrobeats style “Fast & Furious,” but you know how many people are contented with the reliability of knowing its audience? So’s MHD. I just don’t know if that makes him Vin Diesel or Paul Walker.

Alfred Soto: A beautiful production that allows listeners to hear every chime and percussive shuffle. MHD leans into his verses whenever a synthesized thundercloud rumbles. 

Ramzi Awn: MHD puts out a refreshing beat with good synthwork on this breezy single worthy of summer.

Iain Mew: Not as fun to sing along to as “Champions League,” but plenty of pleasure emerges in the end in the mix of doomy minimalist sounds and confident bounce.

Will Adams: The unobtrusive music — not much more than a scaling bell riff and the occasional bass boom — allow MHD to glide effortlessly across bars, and he renders the “NE-VER!” hook the perfect and perfectly fun response to propositions like “Un selfie?” or “Tu veux être moi?”

Thomas Inskeep: I can hear why this single recently became MHD’s first top 10 in France: it smokes. He spits with an urgency, and the production, by co-writer Alexis Troy, is light-handed yet still fierce. There are little tricks and traps throughout its 2:41, which goes by far too quickly. 

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One Response to “MHD – Never”

  1. is it just me that thinks Ramzi’s review sounds like it should be higher than 5/10 ?