Friday, May 5th, 2017

Minzy ft. Flowsik – Ninano

We did like this better than CL’s, at least…


Maxwell Cavaseno: Wow! It’s someone outside of CL actually getting some recognition for possessing talent in 2NE1! Who’d have thought it was possible SEVERAL YEARS TOO LATE!? Petty grudges aside, I’m glad to hear Minzy easily transition into solo work, with a surprisingly grand tone considering how understated EVERY OTHER HUMAN ON EARTH’S ROLE BECAME in her last endeavors. The production on “Ninano” veers from hip-hop to dance in a way that’s seamless and Flowsik is… there. Ultimately what differs from THAT solo career and any for Minzy and her other groupmates is that her character/persona getting transmitted to casual fans never got treated as a priority. Sure, “Ninano” sounds like a banger, but I’m not sure if it entirely suits her or represents her as “someone to keep up with”. Still, as good a first outing as any.

Ryo Miyauchi: “Ninano” disappoints less from Minzy playing it safe than the lack of commitment I hear from her as she follows the predictable path. She sets a sense of cool that’s natural to see from a former 2NE1 member, and her minimal chorus turns out better from it. But that same stoic voice feels dialed in as she commands with cliche chants like “show me what you got.” 

Will Adams: Without any bite to her vocal, Minzy slips between the string-and-thwack arrangement, itself a substantial force. Flowsik offers a bit more energy, but he’s gone in a flash, and the song also bows out without offering us another taste of that sturdy break.

Thomas Inskeep: This is too stompy, and a bit too “Sean Paul single from 2003.” Minzy’s vocal is fairly without personality as well, which doesn’t help. 

Katherine St Asaph: Between the quasi-Middle Eastern strings, quasi-Sean Paul percussion and quasi-Beyonce melody (“End of Time” via “Check On It”?), this sure is a throwback, in that exact-year-agnostic way throwbacks tend to be anymore. Isn’t quite a song, though.

Alfred Soto: The former 2NE1 singer testifies over air horns and a Destiny’s Child beat from 2005, a damn sight inferior to “Come Back Home,” which still sounds fresh. 

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